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Mike Toth: Why Am I The Only Person Who Realises That Doc Halladay Is A Terrible Person?

I know everyone's riding high from last night's big win, and I usually try to let terrible "journalism" slide but I just couldn't let this one go, though not for lack of trying. 

Mike Toth penned this ridiculous screed on Sportsnet:

Halladay is famous for his ferocious fitness regime and incredible focus as he prepares for his starts. His approach is no different than the solitary-style programs followed by pitchers of the past, such as Steve Carlton and Roger Clemens. But while Lefty and The Rocket were considered selfish boors who put their own needs in front of the team, Doc is celebrated for dancing to his own drummer because, well, he's a "nice guy".

Mike, working out a lot did not make Roger Clemens a jerk.  Being a jerk made Roger Clemens a jerk.  Doc is, by all accounts, not a jerk, a conclusion with which even you seem to agree.  So how does working out a lot make him one?  Oh, and by the way, I don't know who told you that Doc's workout regimen was solitary, but practically every Jays' pitcher has worked out beside him and followed his regimen at some point!  Wait, there's more:

He refused to pitch at the World Baseball Classic in Toronto last March, even though his participation would have been a huge help in promoting baseball in the city. But rather than rip Doc for his decision, the media quickly came to his defence by claiming the WBC would ruin Roy's spring training routine.
Give me a break.

I'm trying to think of something else that would be a huge help to promoting baseball in Toronto.  What could it be? 

The fact is, Halladay has never come close to pitching in a playoff game and the incredible atmosphere during the Canada-USA tilt at the WBC would seem to be a much better preparation exercise than facing the Pirates on a Tuesday down in Dunedin.

So when (you know it!) Doc pitches a playoff game for the Jays, if he doesn't do as well as we would like, it will be because he didn't pitch in the WBC?  Ok, just checking, good to know.  Back to Toth:

Halladay is also well-known for talking to the media only when he sees fit and heading into his much-anticipated showdown with former Jays teammate A.J. Burnett, Doc decided to keep his thoughts to himself. During his Hall of Fame career, Carlton never talked to reporters and Clemens had a pick-and-choose media relations method. But while Carlton and Clemens were crucified for clamming up, Halladay once again seems to be above reproach.

He "keeps his thoughts to himself."  What a jerk.  I know it's hard to imagine in this day and age, what with everyone sharing their every whim with the world, but it used to be a compliment for a man (or a woman) to keep his/her thoughts to him/herself and go about his business (ugh! the English language's lack of a gender-neutral pronoun really killed that sentence).  I like that about Doc.  Back to you, scrivener Toth:

My buddy Jamie Campbell,

No comment.

But nice guy or not, it's a joke that Halladay wasn't willing to burst his Zen-like bubble to share a few words on the network that carries the Jays games. People at home, who pay Halladay's huge salary, deserve a lot more than that.

Really?  Because as one of those people at home, I would prefer that Doc do what he needs to do in order to keep pitching like the best pitcher in baseball, even if that doesn't include doing interviews with Jamie Campbell or being an attention lady of the night a la Curt Schilling. 

One might speculate that Halladay's work with sick children etc. is a more significant show of goodwill and humanity, not to mention more important to the people of Toronto, than a pregame interview. 

I would also note that Doc did talk right after the game, and I also recall an interview with Doc's wife where she says that even she doesn't talk to Doc on days where he pitches, so one can hardly be surprised by his reluctance to talk to the media before games.  There's no doubt that Doc is a different breed, but that doesn't make him selfish.  This is just pseudo-edgy, contrarian-for-the-sake-of-being-contrarian, weapons-grade nonsense.