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Happy Birthday Roy Halladay and Pat Borders

Doc turns a big 32 today. 32 years old and 138 wins under his belt. I hope his teammates get a win today, I'm sure that's the only thing he'd want for his birthday. As Hugo pointed out, not everyone loves him. Me? Well I think he's great. Anyone that thinks a player has to talk to the press before a game has taken too many hits in the head. Or perhaps not enough. I think a good cuff to the back of Mr. Toth's head would be a useful thing. Anyway Doc, glad you aren't pitching today, so that you can enjoy your birthday, not that I don't think you'd enjoy beating the Yankees again but kick back and relax for a few today.

Pat Borders turns 46 today. Borders was profiled here as #50 of All-Time Jays. Likely most of you remember that he was the World Series MVP in 1992 and Jay's fans owe him a beer or two for that alone. Pat just retired as a player last year. I'm sure, if he wants, he could have a career as a coach or manager somewhere, but after a 17 year major league career he deserves a couple of years of rest after wearing the 'tools of ignorance' for so long. Anyway Pat, enjoy being 46, it isn't such a bad age. He always seemed like one of the guys you'd like to talk to. Just a good guy, hard worker.

One other birthday I have to mention is Dennis Martinez. Dennis was never a Jay in his 23 year career but he did spend 8 years as an Expo. He has 245 wins to his credit, but one I'll never forget is the perfect game he threw against the Dodgers in 1991. Dave Van Horne who was, I guess still is (he does the Florida Marlins games), a terrific play-by-play commentator did a great job at the end saying "El Presidente, El Perfecto". El Presidente was Martinez' nickname. A very popular pitcher he beat alcoholism to become one of the best pitchers of his time.

So happy birthday to all three of them. Hope they each have a great day.