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Jays Lose 2 In a Row for the Third Time This Year

Yankees 3 Jays 2

We tied our longest losing strike of the season. As long as we don't go past 2 losses in a row all season I think we'll be all right. But it would have been nice to take this one.

Let's get the rant out of the way early. Bottom of the 7th, runners on 1st and 3rd, 1 out and Johnny Mac up. This is a spot where you have to pinch hit. Have to. But not Cito. This is a need-to spot, this is the game sitting there for you. You need to put someone in that can make contact, fly ball puts us ahead. Mac strikes out. I know Cito belongs to some strange religion that has found an 11th commandment "Thou shalt not pinch hit" but this is the Yankees, it is worth eternal damnation to beat them.

I'll admit I have a hard time watching things like that, I've always liked managers who make a lot of in game moves. I know, with the extra pitchers teams carry, it is harder to make a lot of moves. But this was a big moment in the game. Cito wants to sit still all game, most of the time it I'm ok with it, but sometimes you have to try to grab the win. Yes, yes, I know Cito wins games in different ways but...oh ok, spent enough words on it. But it bugs me.

Other than that, Brian Tallet had a decent start, 6 innings, 4 hits, 5 walks. Too many walks, but 6 innings and 2 runs isn't bad against the Yankees. If Cito had pulled him for the start of the 7th instead of leaving him out their to give up a hit and a walk he may have a win.

Offensively we didn't do enough against a pitcher and a half (yes it is a fat joke, no I'm not proud). Alex Rios seems to have pulled out of his long season starting slump. He was 2 for 3 with a walk and a homer.

Jays of the Day are Frasor (.136 WPA) and Rios (.104). Honorable mention to Barajas, Rolen (who made a heck of a catch on a line drive) and Tallet. Suckage Jays? Well there are a bunch of them. I'm afraid Cy Carlson gets a Batista for the game winning homer Matsui hit off him (-.232). Aaron Hill was 0 for 4 as DH (-.186), John MacDonald (-.169), Kevin Millar 0 for 4 (-.134) and Wells (0 for 4).

It was a tough loss against a tough pitcher. We'll get him next time. Starting tomorrow we have a 4 game set against the White Sox. We ought to win those. To quote a Pale Hose fan I emailed:

The White Sox outfield was Jayson Nix, Brent Lillibridge and Scott Podsednik today...they suck. you can quote me on that

Was hoping for a little deeper look at them but then we were terrible at the start of last year and I really didn't want to discuss them with the fans of teams doing well. We are 23-14, still in first place and still a game up on the Red Sox.

Update: Missed this....Jays have activated BJ Ryan and sent Bill Murphy to Triple-A. Ryan won't be closer right away. It should be interesting.