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Musical Interlude

Really don't have anything to say about baseball at the moment, which is a bad thing considering this is a baseball blog, So thought I'd ask what people have playing in their Ipod, CD player. phonograph or 8 track players. 

What am I driving my kids crazy by listening to in the car? Well last few days it has been Alejandro Escovedo's Real Animal, really like the cut 'Sister Lost Soul'. Has me wanting to get the guitar out to figure the chords. Also been listening to the Flying Burrito Brothers since Hugo used one of their songs in a post title awhile back, got me interested in Gram Parsons again. And to continue the old country flavor been playing Guy Clark a fair bit. "LA Freeway" and "Boats to Build" are getting played a lot. 

So share what you are listening to lately. Can also use this as an open thread to talk about anything Blue Jay related that you want to bring up. Pass the time away until tonight's game which isn't on TV on this side of the border. Darn.