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JP You Have Done a Lot of Things Right But

This really bothers me, from a story by Morgan Campbell in the Toronto Star:

Rookie starter Brett Cecil later surrendered homers to Paul Konerko and Jermaine Dye, but with six more solid innings he further solidified his spot in a rotation that general manager J.P. Ricciardi says is finally becoming settled.

He said the club hasn't planned any major moves even as injured pitchers return to health.

The club activated starter Ricky Romero before the game then optioned him to Triple-A Las Vegas.

He started the season 2-0 with a 1.71 ERA before a strained abdominal muscle sent him to the disabled list on April 24.

Ricciardi says that with Brian Tallet turning in a string of strong games and Cecil pitching well yet again the team has no reason to promote Casey Janssen (Double-A) or Romero (Triple-A) from the minors.

This bothers me for several reasons, most importantly, as Hugo has said on here: a player shouldn't lose his job through injury. Why? Because if you have players, especially pitchers, worried that they will lose their spot on the team if they report an injury they might try to play thru it.

Let's say you are Ricky Romero, now you know you have a abdominal muscle strain, but you just made a good start anyway. Would you tell the team about it if you thought there was a chance they would leave you in the minors after rehab. Of course not. Major league pay cheques are much nicer than minor league ones. Yeah there is a chance you could cause yourself more damage, maybe hurt your arm, but being young and indestructible you are willing to ignore that. Bus rides around the Pacific Coast League are far less fun than playing in the majors.

Another reason why this bothers me is that JP has suddenly made important rotation decisions based on a couple of starts for  Robert Ray and three starts for Brett Cecil. JP, a couple of weeks ago, when you called these two up, you said they weren't ready for the majors. Now two, not great starts for Ray (his ERA is 6.00) and he is ready for the majors? Basically, JP, you are telling us you have no clue. No plan. That you are just winging it. That's not a great message. 

It would give us more confidence in you if you would say 'hey it's great that they've had a couple of good starts but that doesn't change our belief that there is still work for them to do'.

Add in that Ricky Romero was just amazing in his three starts before going on the DL and that Casey Janssen is a really good pitcher and deserves, at least, to be ahead of Ray on the depth chart, I don't see why we are letting small sample sizes made major decisions. If you want to keep Cecil up, ok, he was close to getting a job in spring training. Ray? I don't know. Two starts and an ERA of 6 seems like a silly reason to option Romero, who won the job out of spring training and has an ERA of 1.71, to Las Vegas. 

But then, you have the team in first place, so we'll bow to your wisdom at the moment.