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That Was Great, Ray Pitches an Amazing Game

White Sox 1 Jays 2

It is always best to wait and make a dramatic come from behind win. I kept thinking we couldn't hang a loss on Ray, who was great, but we kept blowing chances and making stupid choices on the base paths. Then the bottom of the 8th came.

Alex Rios started off the inning, smoking a line drive on the first pitch but second baseman Chris Getz make a nice catch and I thought luck wasn't with us today. But then Vernon Wells had a very similar hit, again on the first pitch, but it went thru for a single. Adam Lind then had the at bat of the game. Here is how it went: called strike, foul, foul, foul, ball, ball, ball (with a stolen base by Wells), foul. And then Lind golfed a double into the corner. And do I mean golfed, that ball was going to bounce and was way inside. A terrific at bat that, as well as driving in the tying run, set up the inning. 10 pitches and Scott Linebrink was tired. Jose Bautista singled home Lind and that was all the offense we needed.

Robert Ray pitched 8 innings for us, gave up just 3 hits, 1 walk, struck out 3 and was just great. His one walk was the first batter, Scott Podsednik. Podsednik moved to second on a ground out, stole third and walked home when Raul Chavez' throw went into left field. Chavez should never have thrown that ball. If Ray had lost on that it just wouldn't have been fair. Scott Downs went 3 up 3 down for the save in the 9th, though the first out was a deep fly to center and the third was a nice play by Overbay.

Can't talk about the game without mentioning two really bad base running mistakes. Bautista hit a single to left in the 2nd inning and tried to take advantage of Podsednik's weak arm, but was a short throw and he was out easy. In the 3rd Scoot doubled to the right field wall, but tried to get to stretch it to  3rd. Good relay had him out easily. Both dumb plays. Add in a Scutaro double in the 5th with Chavez on first that would have scored, oh say 95% of the base runners in the league, but with Raul's wheels he was stopped at 3rd.

Another interesting moment was in the 7th, with a runner on first and a left handed pitcher in, Cito had Millar pinch hit for Snider. Truly, I'm just happy to see Cito make a move so I'm fine with the idea, though Millar struck out. His little hot stretch seems to be over. But then in the top of the 8th Millar played third base for the first time since 2002, when he played 11 innings there for the Marlins. He didn't get a play there (the baseball gods really do love us) and in the 9th Cito, with the 1 run lead, put Rolen out there. That I was very very thankful for, not that Rolen made a play but I'm sure if Millar was there Podsednik (and likely other White Sox batters) would have bunted at Millar.

Anyway Jays of the Day are Ray (.324 WPA), Wells (.200, 2 hits, a walk and 2 steals), Lind (.168), Downs (.168) and Bautista (.107 despite the brain cramp running the bases, he had a steal too). Honorable mention to Scoot (3 for 4). I'd almost give honorable mention to Chavez as he was 2 for 4 and did catch a runner stealing but he also cost us the White Sox run with his throwing error and cost us another with being so damn slow. Suckage Jays are Aaron Hill (0 for 4 and left 4 on base) and Rios (1 for 4 though he hit a couple of things hard).

Tomorrow we have Doc (7-1, 2.95) going against Gavin Floyd (2-3, 7.32). We'll be shooting for our 3rd straight win. And my favorite thing to say: we are 25-14, in first in the AL East, 2.5 games up on the Red Sox with the Sox playing Seattle tonight. Go M's.