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Four Game Sweep!

White Sox 2 Jays 3

A sweep is always a good thing, even against a crappy team. Really it is too bad that Scott Richmond didn't get the win, he deserved it, 7 shut out innings just 5 hits, a walk and 7 strikeouts. Gotta like the 7 k's to 1 walk in a game he needed to do well or he might have been sent down. Now I'm not sure how much of his showing is because of the lousy team he was facing but certainly he as earned another start.

Can't really get on Cy Carlson's case for the blown save, not that he would have been sent out in the 9th to get the save, so is kind of unfair to award him a 'blown save'. Jermaine Dye gets on on an infield single (really nice effort by Scoot on the play by the way) and then Jim Thome hits a good pitch the opposite way for the homer. Baseball is a strange game, one pitcher goes 7 shutout innings and doesn't get the win, another guy gives up 2 runs in an inning and gets the win.

Offensively I thought we should have been able to do more agains Clayton Richard, we only had 3 hits and 3 walks in 7 innings against him, and 2 of the hits (and a homer) were from Kevin Millar (Chrysantamum up).

The bottom of the 8th was great fun, Bautista started it with a walk, Scoot bunted him to second (more on that in a bit), Aaron Hill popped out. Then Alex Rios hit a fly just out of the reach of a diving Scott Podsednik, that turned into a triple. If Bautista wasn't on base Podsednik wouldn't have dived for the ball and would have held Rios to a single. Rios clutch hit won us the game.

The bottom of the 8th is worth noting. I listened to Mike Wilner's phone in show after the game and the first caller got on Mike's case about bunting, suggesting that the Jays wouldn't have won without the bunt. When Mike suggested Scutaro had a 40% chance of getting on base if he hadn't bunted, the guy said that a runner on 2nd with 1 out was better than runners on 1st and 2nd with none out. I can barely believe someone could believe this.

Now the team won so the bunt worked, life is good. But with Hill's pop out after the bunt the team only had one out left to win the game. Had Scoot walked, the pop out would only have been the 1st out and we would have had two more shots at scoring the run from second.

Anyway, I'm not a fan of guys with .415 on base percentages bunting. But hey, Rios got the big hit so won't rant about it for long.  Jays of the Day are Richmond (.423 WPA), Downs (.168), Rios (.139), Scutaro (.116) and Millar (.107). Suckage Jay, I'm afriad was Carlson (-.250). Jays are now 27-14 and are 3.5 games ahead of the Red Sox going into Boston for a 3 game series. Life is good.