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View From the Other Side: Red Sox Series Preview

To add to the great stuff Jessef has been doing previewing the pitching match ups in the coming series for the Jays, we are going to try something new. We are going to ask the people that know the opposition best, the bloggers from the upcoming opponents SB Nation site , questions about their team. It likely won't work out every series as the other guys have their own sites to run, but we'll give it a try.

As we are playing the Red Sox starting tonight, I sent Randy Booth manager for Over the Monster, SB's fine Red Sox blog a few questions about his team and he was kind enough to answer:

Who has been the biggest positive surprise for the Red Sox?

The biggest positive surprise so far this season has been Jason Bay. Everyone knew he was good, but I don't think anyone expected him to come out and mash the ball like he has done so far this season. He's doing everything you want from a hitter: hitting for average, hitting for power, working walks, running the basepaths well. He's a complete player.

How worried are Sox fans about David Ortiz's troubles?

I won't sugarcoat this: we're all pretty worried. Let's put it this way. Jason Bartlett, who had one home run all of last season, already has five more home runs than Ortiz this season. Barlett has five. Ortiz has zero. The surprising thing is that the Red Sox are still contenders with a giant hole at No. 3 in their lineup. We're hoping he clicks and he's back, but we're not holding our breath for it either.

Boston's had it's share of injury troubles, how are things looking for Kevin Youkilis, Dustin Pedroia and DiceK?

Dustin Pedroia seems to be healthy. His first game back he went 4 for 6. Youkilis should be back for Wednesday's game and Dice-K will most likely be back this week as well. It seems the injuries are finally turning the corner.

What's the deal with Lester and Beckett? Shouldn't they be doing better?

They've really struggled, but they've also been very unlucky. If you look at Lester's stats, everything indicates that luck just hasn't been on his side. His K/9 is a very good 10.3. It seems like his troubles have rested around just a few really, really bad innings. With Beckett, he seems like he's on the upturn. In his last three starts, he's 2-0 with a 3.79 ERA.

How is Canadian Jason Bay doing?

We love the fact he is Canadian. Apparently it helps hit home runs in Fenway Park.

Is there anything else Jays fans should know about the Red Sox?

The Red Sox are still just trying to figure themselves out. The starting pitching has been bad, the offense is bipolar and the defense is absolutely horrid right now with Julio Lugo and Nick Green sharing the shortstop position and Jeff Bailey at first base. The Sox still have won games, but they haven't been the prettiest thing, that's for sure.