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Bluebird Banter in Other Places

Got a couple of links to things we've done for other site (Mr. Rogers wants to know if you kids can say 'self promotion').

A writer from sent me a handful of questions about the Jays last night, to help them preview the series with the Jays and I attempted to answer them. Yeah, yeah, I know it sounds a lot like what I did with the Over the Monster folks. No I didn't steal their idea (honest, though I would have, I'm not proud).  I tried to do the same preview for the last two Jay's series but it didn't work out with the other team's bloggers.

Anyway, if you are interested in reading my sleep deprived opinions in a different spot (yeah like you don't get enough of them here) click on this link. I do have a little complaint that they edited the one good joke I thought I had, but such is life. NESN are the nice people that televise the Red Sox games. I am waiting for them to call me to replace Jerry Remy while he's on the DL recovering from cancer surgery, but since I can't say pawk right, I guess it won't be happening.

And over at Baseball Reflections Hugo and I alternate on a monthly look at our Jays and they just posted my look back at the opening month or so of our season here. Not that I said anything that you guys don't already know, but it is a nice site with a lot of good baseball information.