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University of Massachusetts Please and Here's the Last Five: Game Thread, Jays at Red Sox

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It's Educational!

The Jays head to Boston (not Amherst, where the main UMass campus may be found, but hey, there is a UMass-Boston) to learn a little something, although not everything, about the kind of team they are.

Cito sat Adam Lind last season against Red Sox starter Tim Wakefield, saying he didn't want to mess up the young hitter's timing and swing by sending him up against the knuckler, and he does the same tonight with Travis Snider. Lind mans left field again, while Kevin Millar mans DH duties. Rod Barajas makes the start behind the plate. As for the Jays, Dustin Pedroia, recently returned from injury, is in the lineup, as is David Ortiz after a few days off following his 0-7, 3 K performance last week. Julio Lugo mans shortstop.

Tim Wakefield has certainly given the Jays problems in the past, so it'd be great to see the

2009 - Brian Tallet 2-1 4.68 1.28 31 21

2009 - Tim Wakefield 4-2 4.03 1.32 27 21