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Orioles 4 Jays 8

Not truly vintage Halladay, but he got us 8 inning and won. But 10 hits is more than he normally gives up. But with the starting rotation we have at the moment, 8 innings is important. And he is now 5-1. I wonder what the over/under is on wins for Doc is the year? With the way he pitches and the offense we are showing 20 wins isn't a long shot.

Offensively once again everybody had a had in things. Every player in the lineup had a hit accept Bautista, who took a walk, was hit  and had a sac bunt so it isn't like he wasn't productive. Aaron Hill and Rod Barajas had 3 hits. Adam Lind and Kevin Millar had 2 hits. One of Lind hits was his 5th homer of the season, a monster shot to straight away center, tying him with the middle infielders for the most homers on the team. We had 14 hits all together and 4 walks.

I don't know how it is possible that the whole team is hitting well, only 3 players in our lineup aren't hitting .300 after today; Marco Scutaro who is hitting .280, but has taken 23 walks in 25 games so his on base is .420, is there anyone that still wishes we signed Orlando Cabrera? Vernon Wells, hitting a not exactly poor .280 and has 20 runs in 25 games. And Alex Rios, who has been whipping boy for his .248 BA, a hot streak would be nice. He is the only batter doing much worse than we'd thought would.

Anyway Jays of the Day are Kevin Millar (.171 WPA, Cucumber Up), Halladay (.155) and Barajas. Honorable mention to Wells, Hill and Lind. No suckage Jays.

Tomorrow we get our first look at Robert Ray, hopefully we can get him 8 runs too. Jays are now 16-9, best record in the AL and the Red Sox lost so we are a game up on them, first place in the AL East.

JP figures Casey Janssen and Ricky Romero will be ready to join the team between May 12 and 20.