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Tim Wakefield Beats the Jays

Blue Jays 1 Red Sox 2

Sad game, Jays waste a good start from Brian Tallet. Tallet went 6 innings, allowed only 4 hits, 2 walks, 2 runs and struck out 5. He deserved better. BJ Ryan pitched his second scoreless since coming back from the DL, this one wasn't as impressive, he gave up 2 hits and a hard hit fly ball. He was helped out by a great throw by Raul Chavez getting Jacoby Ellsbury trying to steal 3rd. Trying to steal 3rd with no one out, you have to be sure you can get it.

Offensively, we couldn't get anything going off Tim Wakefield. Our offense consisted of a Kevin Millar homer and 4 singles. And after one of those singles, Alex Rios managed to get thrown out trying to steal second. I figured he'd get the steal easy with Wakefield pitching and George Kottaras catching. But he didn't get a good jump and Kottaras made a great throw.

No Jays of the Day today though Barajas, Tallet and Millar get an honorable mention. Suckage Jays were our 3 thru 7 hitters, Rios (.201 WPA), Wells (-.113), Lind (-.151), Rolen (.121) and Overbay (.120).

Good news is we are still in first at 27-15 and we'll get them tomorrow with Brett Cecil going up against Brad Penny. It should be a lot more fun.