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How Did JP Put This Team Together....

I thought it might be worth taking a look at how this years JP Riccardi put together this Jays team that is in first in the AL East. Basically major league teams get talent four different ways: through the Draft, Trades, Free Agents and what I'll call Free Talent, players that anyone could have picked up, basically for free. Players signed to minor league free agent contracts, guys picked off waivers and players found under rocks (or found playing for the Edmonton Cracker Cats). Basically players that don't cost us anything significant in money or useful players. I'm listing players that were in the organization before JP got here as 'Inherited', but I have included contracts that he signed them to.

Draft Picks:

Aaron Hill drafted first round 2003 VORP 21.2

Adam Lind drafted 3rd round 2004 VORP 15.2

Travis Snider drafted 1st round 2006 VORP -1.6

Ricky Romero 1st round 2005 VORP 10.5

Brett Cecil 1st 2007 VORP 8.8

Robert Ray 7th round 2005 VORP  3.9

Jesse Litsch 24th round 2004 VORP -2.9

David Purcey 1st round 2004 VORP -4.2


Marco Scutaro from Oakland for Graham Godfrey and Kristain Bell VORP 15.9

Scott Rolen from St. Louis for Troy Glaus VORP 9.9 (last year Glaus was 36.2, Rolen 16.8)

Jose Bautista from Pittsburgh for Robinzon Diaz VORP 5.8. Robinzon has 8 hits in 21 at bats in 6 games this year.

Lyle Overbay with Ty Taubenheim for David Bush, Gabe Gross and Zach Jackson. Zach was part of the payment for CC Sabathia. Bush is 22-20 since the trade with a 4.53 ERA in the NL.  VORP 2.3

Jason Frasor from Dodgers for Jayson Werth VORP 9.5

Brian Tallet from Cleveland for Bubbie Buzachero. VORP 8.7

Brian Wolfe from Milwaukee for Corey Koskie VORP 1.1

Free Talent:

Kevin Millar VORP 3.1

John McDonald VORP -1.2. Purchased from Tigers.

Michael Barrett VORP  -1.3

Raul Chavez VORP -2.2

Scott Richmond VORP 11.4

Jesse Carlson VORP 6.7

Bill Murphy VORP 4.0

Bryan Bullington VORP 2.3

Shawn Camp VORP 2.6

Brian Burres VORP  -7.2


Vernon Wells $ 8.5 million signing bonus paid March 1 2008, 2009 and 2010. Salary $500,000 2008, $1.5 2009, $12.5 million 2010, $23 million 2011, $21 million 2012, 2013, 2014. VORP 4.0

Alex Rios contract 2009 $5.9 million, 2010 $9.7 million, 2011 $12 million, 2012 $12 million, 2013 $12.5, 2014 $12.5, 2015 $13.5 club option. VORP 4.1.

Roy Halladay 2009 $14.25, 2010 $15.75 VORP 24.2

Brandon League VORP 3.6

Free Agent:

Rod Barajas  $2.5 million VORP 8.1

Scott Downs  VORP 8.5

BJ Ryan 2009 $9.4 million, 2010 $9.4 million. VORP -1.6


So our talent has come from:

Draft Picks 59.3  32.7%

Trades: 53.2  29.3%

Free Talent: 18.2  10%

Inherited: 35.9  19.8%

Free Agent: 15.0 8.3%


I don't really have any great conclusions from it all, but will mention a few things:

- we have certainly drafted better than we get credit for

- some of the trades could really fall under the 'free talent' category. We traded basically nothing in order to get Scutaro, Bautista and Tallet. JP won those trades easy.

- the Vernon Wells contract is an awful thing. I'll admit I don't blame JP for it, I'm pretty sure that ownership signed Wells to that. I can understand why they wanted to sign him. One of the knocks on baseball, since the start of free agency, is that players don't stay with a team like they used to. That a fan can't get attached to a team because the players keep moving. But they overpaid.

-BJ Ryan's contract has turned out to be a bad thing. I'm not sure that we could/should have guessed he'd have arm troubles but signing relievers to long term deals is always a risk. JP's other free agent signings, that are still on the team, have worked out well.

-JP is great at finding free talent. No doubt there.

Anyway we'll look at this again near the end of the season.