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Well That Was Just Awful

Jays 3 Red Sox 8

Couple of rants tonight:

First, I'm almost sure I have never seen that before, 4 homers in one inning off a pitcher. I mean I'm sure it's happened, but I don't think I've seen it. And a rookie pitcher? What was going thru Cito's mind during the 5th inning. Cecil had clearly lost it, every pitch was up and he leaves Cecil there for 4 home runs. 4. Cito talks about confidence a lot but what does it do to a young pitchers confidence to leave him out there for that? I really thought Cito had changed, he seemed to be taking it easier on the young pitcher's arms. But tonight....this is where pitchers get hurt, when they pitch when they are tired.

Anyway...had Cito pulled Cecil after say the second homer by which time Cecil had given up a homer, walk, double and homer, we would have been down by 5 and would have had an outside shot at coming back. Two more homers and we were down by 8. Just one of those hard to believe innings.

The other rant, hopefully will be shorter. Guys, we lost two in a row, not good, but just two in a row. We are in first. Did anyone really imagine we would be in first on May 20th? And yet, we lose those two games and people are breaking their ankles jumping off the bandwagon. I know, I know, it's Toronto sports and we get points for being the first to say 'I told you so', but let's be fans. It was kind of cool watching Red Sox fans cheer David Ortiz, who wasn't even hitting his weight and didn't have a home run yet this season.

Anyway the game was that one inning. Offensively we had 14 hits but didn't string them together to score a bunch of runs. Everyone in the starting lineup had a hit accept Scoot and he took a walk. Rios and Wells each had three hits (yeah yeah without guys on base) (you think we could get on the guys behind them that had them on base most of the game, if people had driven them in we would have had a game). Hill and Overbay had 2 hits each, one of Overbay's was a triple to deep deep center which would have been a home run anywhere else.  Actually Wells and Barajas hit balls off the green monster that would have been homers in Toronto too.....but like most things that's just sour grapes, gotta win where you are.

Among the other things that happened tonight, Jacoby Ellsbury set a Sox record put outs and tied a major league record for put outs. I'd say that was a good sign that hitting flies to the outfield is a good sign for hitting but few of the flies were tough plays. The one Hill hit in the first inning was a tough catch, that might have been the only one that was tough. And David Ortiz hit his first home run on the season.

No Jays of the Day though honorable mention to Rios. Suckage Jay the numbers say Cecil (-.213 WPA) and yeah he didn't pitch well but part of that has to go to Cito who should have got him out of there.

Good new folks, we is still in first. Yeah it was a bad game and yeah we aren't firing on all cylinders at the moment. But man, first is nice. 27-16 is nice.

Just one more note. Yes folks, we are allowed to argue. No folks, don't make it personal. There are been a couple of homophobic attacts on people lately, till now they have just been deleted and gotten a warning. In the future it will be a straight banning. Yes you are allowed to disagree, no you can't say someone is gay because they don't agree or for that matter say anything else personal about them. We hope to keep the level of conversation above that. I do have a problem if you hate the team or a player on the team so much that someone else saying something good about them causes insults. You want to call people names, go to another site.