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First Three Game Losing Streak, Don't Panic.....

Jays 1 Red Sox 5

Well, we are going to have a bunch more broken ankles as people jump from the bandwagon, and silly fanposts saying we should send everybody to Triple A and call up 35 year old minor league lifers. I'll remind folks it is our first 3 game losing streak of the season, is there any team that hasn't had a 3 game losing skid? We are in first place and 27-17. Losing three in Boston isn't really something to be too upset about. Sox play well there, we'll thump them in Toronto next week. 

Anyway Ray wasn't great. I really am of the opinion that he should get sent back to Vegas and Janssen or Romero should come up. Ray could have been helped out if Rios managed to catch Jason Bay's home run ball. After watching it a couple of times I think it was a harder catch than I originally did. Rios is such a smooth runner it never looks like he is going hard but he does have as much range as any right fielder. Anyway 5 runs in 4.1 innings isn't a good outing. Our pen did well again as League, Cy and Frasor pitched the final 3.2 innings scoreless. 

Offensively we got 11 hits but just one run and only 1 extra base hit. Everyone had at least 1 hit except for Lind, he's had a rough few days. Scoot, Hill and Wells each had two hits. No Jays of the Day today. Suckage Jays are Ray (-.253 WPA) and Lind (-.137).

Anyway, surprisingly I'm not all that bummed out by the sweep. Get to find out who are the real fans are. Enjoy that we are in first, don't let the bandwagon jumpers get you down.