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We're Gonna Rip Them Up and Light Up the Night, Oh Atlanta: Game Thread, Jays at Braves

o that Red Sox series wasn't pretty, it's true. But tonight is a new game and a new series, and your first place Toronto Blue Jays are taking on the Atlanta Braves. That doesn't sound so bad to me.

If you're not like me and today wasn't your last day of work, you likely already know the news -- Brett Cecil, Robert Ray, and Travis Snider have been optioned back to AAA Las Vegas, making way for Casey Janssen, Ricky Romero, and Joe Inglett. I really think this is the right move. Ray certainly wasn't bad but wasn't anything special, and Janssen has some major league success and the potential to be an effective major league starter. Cecil pitched well and likely could have been given another start to right the ship after his disastrous outing in Boston, but Romero, not Cecil, won the rotation job out of the spring and pitched brilliantly before straining his oblique (actually, also after straining his oblique) and he deserves to reclaim his spot now that he is healthy again. As for Snider, with the way Cito runs things, he wasn't going to see much, if any, action during interleague, so it's not a bad idea to send him down to work on some things. He'll be back. By the way, the lineup shows him as starting, but obviously that's wrong if he's in Vegas. I'd guess it's Bautista, even though Kenshin Kawakami, a righthander, is starting for Atlanta.

So Doc will start tonight, with Casey taking the mound tomorrow and Richmond going on Sunday, followed by Tallet on Monday (to start the Baltimore series) and Ricky Ro on Tuesday.

Today's title comes from an Alison Krauss song that is only ok, but the lyrics sure fit how I'm feeling tonight. Let's go Jays!


Toronto Blue Jays @ Atlanta Braves

05/22/09 7:35 PM EDT

Toronto Blue Jays Atlanta Braves
Marco Scutaro - SS Yunel Escobar - SS
Aaron Hill - 2B Casey Kotchman - 1B
Alex Rios - RF Garret Anderson - LF
Vernon Wells - CF Brian McCann - C
Adam Lind - LF Kelly Johnson - 2B
Scott Rolen - 3B Martin Prado - 3B
Lyle Overbay - 1B Jeff Francoeur - RF
Rod Barajas - C Jordan Schafer - CF
Roy Halladay - P Kenshin Kawakami - P