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Yeah I Don't Know the Answer Either, Jays Loss to Braves

Jays 3 Braves 4

Against the Red Sox we were getting lots of just no runs. Last night, not much for hits. Tonight we had some hits (7) and some walks (5). We even had a lead for a moment when Scoot drove in 2 with a double in the 3rd but the Braves got them back in the bottom of the inning. Braves got 1 more in the 4th on an RBI single by Derek Lowe. Yeah the pitcher, he was 2 for 3 today. Braves got an insurance run on a Kelly Johnson home run off BJ Ryan. It looked like a decent enough pitch, inside, but Johnson, a left handed batter is killing lefty pitchers, that was his 3rd homer off lefty pitching in 36 at bats. If Cito was gaining any confidence in BJ it's gone now.

Jays didn't do much else offensively till the 9th. Lind doubled, Rolen walked (now I complained about umps in yesterday's game, today Rolen got a ball on one I thought he swung at, and the other balls were very close to the strike zone, but Scott showed a good eye). Overbay, allowed to hit against the lefty reliever singled, driving in Lind and Rolen went to 3rd, just barely getting in safe. Barajas walked on 4 pitches, not one pitch close to the strike zone. So we had bases loaded, one out.

Millar pinch hit, Braves brought in a right handed pitcher, but Millar is hitting much better against righties (.320/.370/.600) than lefties (.280/.308/.420). We needed a fly ball, but Millar struck out, not coming close on the swinging strike 3. Hard to get on him, cause he has done well, but man I wanted that fly ball. Then with 2 out Scutaro gave us that fly out. But with 2 outs already it was less good.

Janssen was good, not great, 6 innings 3 earned, 14 ground outs. Lowe did much the same job going 7.1, 2 earned and 16 ground outs, so he won the battle of the ground outs. Jay of the Day Lyle Overbay (.217 WPA).  Suckage Jays are Millar (-.224), Scutaro (-.190), Rios (-.156) and Wells (-.129). I thought Rios had pulled out of his slump, he had been hitting great in May but he looked lost today. And so did Wells.

Yeah I don't know what to do about the offense right now and I am sure Cito is not laying awake thinking 'what would Tom do to pull us out of this'. Cito is a terrific batting coach, but me....I'd give the guys a couple of days off batting practice. I guess since tomorrow is a day game batting practice won't be happening anyway. I think I'd also give Wells the day off tomorrow, but Cito has publicly stated he doesn't believe in that. Maybe I'd take them all out to the bar tomorrow night and get them good and drunk.

Good news is thanks to a Papelbon blown save (couldn't happen to a nicer guy), we are still in first. But we really could start winning again any time. Like tomorrow maybe?