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She Said the Prettiest Place On Earth Was Baltimore: Game Thread Jays at Orioles

Jays try to put out of an offensive slump with the help of the Baltimore pitching staff. I guess we find out if it was pitching or our bats that has caused the runs to stop happening. I'm guessing some of both. We hit the ball well yesterday but didn't get the big hit when we needed it.

Anyway it is Brian Tallet (2-2, 4,.47) going against Jeremy Guthrie (3-4, 5.37). Today's lineup:


Toronto Blue Jays @ Baltimore Orioles

05/25/09 1:35 PM EDT

Toronto Blue Jays Baltimore Orioles
Marco Scutaro - SS Brian Roberts - 2B
Aaron Hill - 2B Adam Jones - CF
Alex Rios - RF Nick Markakis - RF
Vernon Wells - CF Melvin Mora - 3B
Adam Lind - DH Aubrey Huff - 1B
Scott Rolen - 3B Ty Wigginton - DH
Lyle Overbay - 1B Nolan Reimold - LF
Rod Barajas - C Gregg Zaun - C
Jose Bautista - LF Cesar Izturis - SS

Bautista gets Snider's spot in the outfield today, he has hit righties pretty good so far this season, .282/.451/.333 (small sample size warning). Yeah his on base is much higher than his slugging. Don't read too much into 39 at bats. No other changes from Cito's norm.

There is rain in the forecast for the 3 days we are in Baltimore. I hope it doesn't mess up this game. The line in the title is from 'Streets of Balitmore' by the late great Gram Parsons. I took out the words 'at night' because it is a day game. Almost used 'It's Raining in Baltimore' by the Counting Crows, but I don't like the song.

Come on guys, let's score 10.