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Nah Not Doing a Recap....What Would You Do to Break the Slump?

Jays lost. No Jay of Day but Tallet, Wells and Overbay get honorable mention. Suckage are Ryan (-.153), Rolen (-.126) (not counting a couple of misplays in the field), Hill (-.122) and Barajas (-.113). Honorable Suckage mention to Lind who was 0 for 3 and is as cold as it is possible to be and still be able to hold a bat.

So folks.....two weeks ago Cito was god, he could walk on water. And I still, in spite of glaring evidence to the opposite, think he is a great batting coach. But it isn't working (he says in the biggest understatement in my almost year on BBB). So folks...let's play a game. Cito has called you, he can't figure what to do to get us out of this slide, what do you think _______? (insert your name there). Cito's a nice guy, he'll use your first name.

Whenever Cito calls me he uses my first name. Well for awhile there he called me Rincewind for some reason. I remember the first time he called me. He said 'Tom, we are in a tight one, I'm thinking I'm going to pinch hit for Carter, should I?" I said "No Cito, he can hit Williams, no problem." That one worked out well.

Now being real he isn't going to change around the batting lineup and honest no one is hitting well so you can change the batting order all you want, you ain't going to make runs happen. So what do you tell him? A personal opinion is that guys should have had a game off by now. Scutaro, Hill, Wells and Rios have played every game and have only had two off days this year. How many of you have only had two off days since the start of April. Mental health breaks are good things.

Me? I'm saying no batting practice for a week. Take the guys out tonight and get them drunk. Get them to forget baseball for 24 hours.

Now be fair....don't tell him to make a trade and then turtle when he asks what for who? I don't think there is one guy out there that could change our team (Babe Ruth is still dead right?) and no matter what you may think, our pitching prospects may look good to us fans but if you want to trade some of them, explain why another team would think they are good.

Yes I'd trade Ray and Mills but no team would give me something for them, so make it real. Litsch has trade value, except he is injured. So he doesn't. Cecil might have value but he's still transitioning from College reliever to starter, his value is more to us than to anyone, and he isn't high up other folks prospect list.

Anyway I'll put up a poll but use the comments to explain.