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Their Souls are Crumblin' Like a Dirt Clod: Next Series Pitchers Preview: Boston Red Sox

After watching that game this afternoon (see the post title, from Pavement's "Frontwards"), the only reason I'm even bothering with this is because I've already done it.  The Red Sox come to the Rogers Centre for three games, maybe we'll win a game.


All three pitchers went against us last week.  The series opens when Tim Wakefield pitches against Casey Janssen making his second start back on Friday night.  Brad Penny starts for Boston on Saturday afternoon and we send Brian Tallet out.  On Sunday, the series closes with Jon Lester pitching for Red Sox and Ricky Romero also making his second start back from the DL for the Jays.

Maybe the much-needed day off will give the pen the rest it needs to stop being terrible.  Also, maybe someone will teach Cito that when a pitcher is going terribly, he can overcome inertia by getting up and pulling him.