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Off Day Open Thread

Hi everyone -

Let's take a break from the misery.  To take our minds off the pain (oh, the pain!), I thought it might be good to discuss how we are spending our day and evening now that (perhaps mercifully) we don't have a Jays game to watch today or tonight, as we've had so few off-days this season. 

I saw the new Jim Jarmusch movie, the Limits of Control, at the American Film Institute Historic Theatre (a great experience, by the way, for any of you that happen to be in the Washington DC area), and I have to say, it was almost as frustrating as our beloved Jays have been over the past 9 games!  Just like those Jays games, though, that's not to say that I didn't enjoy parts of it immensely.  I also went for a nice long run, and of course got poured on unexpectedly about halfway through.

How about you all?  Also, feel free to let loose with anything else, Jays-related or not, that's on your mind.  Enjoy your off-days, and we'll see those of you with a high pain threshold for the Boston series!