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The Hazards of Love: Friday Link Fest

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Today's title comes from the Decemberists' last record, one I have really been enjoying.  I thought it was appropriate being that while my Jay-fandom is, of course, unshaken following the 9 game skid, I have realised one advantage of not particularly caring about any sports teams - you don't feel like I have for the past couple of days.  The weird thing is that my life has been going great over the past week - exciting new job, some time off in between, which I've really enjoyed, a ridiculous/hilarious black-tie government function coming up, great time spent with my wife and little girl, the Jays' awful skid has me in a bit of a funk where I would otherwise be riding high.  Not enough to put me in any kind of bad mood, but just enough to dampen what would otherwise be a great one. 

Anyway, enough solipsism for now - on to the link fest!

Jordan Bastian has a nice article about Cito and the Jays' posture during the skid.  He also breaks down the team's performance during the slump - similar to what we did 4 days ago when I personally thought it was soon to end.  Suffice it to say, if you are one of the people saying that this team is the real Jays, you must think the team is really, really bad, because the team's performance, in almost every aspect of the game, has been awful.  Finally, he puts things into perspective.

According to Robert MacLeod, Scott Downs has been nursing a hurting hamstring, which could certainly explain his subpar performance in his past two appearances.  This brings up one of Hugo's rules - if a guy is hurt, and it's not the playoffs, don't play him!  It is counerproductive and could lead to bigger problems in the long term.  You never know when a leg injury can affect a pitcher's mechanics and lead to an arm injury. 

Ghostrunner on First (sort of) looks at the bright side!  He also takes Jays fans to task, and I can't say I disagree.  

Does anyone disagree with Mike Wilner that this is rock bottom?  I mean, blowing a 5-run lead in the 8th inning and then a 2-run HR in extras to lose your 9th straight game, that's about as bad as it can get. 

The national sports media write the Jays off.  Fair enough, a 9-game losing streak will do that for you.  We shall return. 

Tonight's matchup:  Casey Janssen looks to follow up a mostly successful return to the rotation while Tim Wakefield looks to shut the Jays down for what feels like the billionth consecutive time. 

I'm off for a dayhike, so feel free to link to other relevant stories as they pop up throughout the day.