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Maybe Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back: Game Thread, Red Socks at Blue Jays


Boston Red Sox @ Toronto Blue Jays

05/30/09 1:07 PM EDT

Boston Red Sox Toronto Blue Jays
Jacoby Ellsbury - CF Marco Scutaro - SS
Dustin Pedroia - 2B Aaron Hill - 2B
Kevin Youkilis - 1B Alex Rios - RF
Jason Bay - LF Vernon Wells - CF
Mike Lowell - 3B Adam Lind - DH
David Ortiz - DH Jose Bautista - 3B
Jason Varitek - C Lyle Overbay - 1B
Rocco Baldelli - RF Raul Chavez - C
Nick Green - SS Joe Inglett - LF

Jason Bay and 24 douchebags (sorry, Rocco, I still love you but you signed with the enemy) look to strike back today after a Jays victory last night behind excellent pitching and some timely offense. By the way, Jordan Bastian has a little talk with Casey Janssen about his stuff and his perception of how things are going and it's definitely worth checking out. I'm probably enjoying it too much considering it's only one win and the team has won one of its last 10 games, but a 9-game losing streak will do that to you.

Brad Penny shut the Jays down last week and they look to get revenge on him this afternoon, having exacted the same on Tim Wakefield yesterday. Brian Tallet pitches for the Jays and he is coming off three consecutive starts in which he went 6 solid innings, giving up just 2 runs against some tough offenses (one of them being this Red Sox team. Unfortunately for him, he's 0-2 in those three starts, so he' s hoping for a bit of run support today.

We talked about this in the thread yesterday and we called it - Scott Rolen gets the day game after a night game off despite being one of the offensive heroes yesterday. Hey, if it'll keep him hitting like he did last night, I'm all for it, though I'd prefer to rest him against lefties against whom Bautista is a better hitter. By the way, not that it matters all that much, but Bautista batting above Overbay against a righty is pretty silly. Raul Chavez gets the start for Rod Barajas, who I understand is still breathing heavy after his mad dash yesteday, and Joe Inglett gets the start in left field. Cito must like Inglett; he's getting more playing time than I would have figured.

Today's thread title comes from the legendary song Atlantic City by Bruce Springsteen, a song that has been covered by everyone from the Band to yours truly to, ironically a performer named "Doc Holiday." I personally like the Hold Steady and Hank Williams III versions the best, after Bruce's, off course.

Let's go Jays!