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Well, After 9 Losses in a Row I Guess We'll Take a Series Win

Red Sox 8 Jays 2

Not much worth talking about there, other than a strike zone that, at very least, seemed to be all over the place. One inning Lester gets a strikeout on a pitch high and clearly outside (from the overhead camera way outside) to Romero not getting strike calls on pitches above the knee down the middle. Lester really didn't need the help today while Ricky sure could have used it.

We got 5 hits on the day, one a Alex Rios homer that was very nice to see. Sox got 4 homers on the day, 2 off Romero, 2 off Brian Wolfe. I think our first 4 hits were infield singles. It was just not a good day. There were no Jays of the Day today. Suckage Jay was Romero with a -.269 WPA.

Just to state the obvious, I have no idea Brian Wolfe is with the team while Jeremy Accardo is in Triple-A. Wolfe gave up homers on back-to-back pitches today. And his last appearance was the wonderful effort against Baltimore on Wednesday. I don't think we need to put up a poll to know that 100% of us think that Accardo should be up over Wolfe.

Anyway taking 2 of 3 from Boston is good and we are just 1.5 back of the Yankees for first in the AL East and 1 game behind the Red Sox for the Wild Card spot.

There were a couple of Jay stories on In one JP says we might be a buyer in by the trade deadline. I guess that really tells us nothing, he doesn't suggest what we might be looking for. And in more shocking news, JP says he still believes in Travis Snider. Was there a doubt?

Off day tomorrow then Tuesday we start a series against the LA Angels.