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Ontario, Quebec, and Me: Game Preview and Thread, Indians at Jays

Coming off a big sweep of Baltimore, the Jays start a 2-game series tonight against Cleveland.

If the previous Marcum news didn't scare you a little, Bastian tweets that Marcum could pitch in the minors as soon as June. B.J. threw in the pen today and will start a rehab stint with Dunedin on Wednesday. Ricky Romero will throw his pen tomorrow en route to a first rehab start with Dunedin on Thursday.

As for tonight, Adam Lind and Travis Snider swap defensive positions. Interesting to see Snider out of left field when that's where he's done the most to help the Jays recently. But I bet Cito figures it might help Snider to just focus on hitting for a day. We'll see.

On the mound, Brian Tallet looks to rebound after a bad start last time out. Fausto Carmona, who's had his troubles this season but has pitched better his past two times out , starts for Cleveland. Let's go Jays!!


Cleveland Indians @ Toronto Blue Jays

05/04/09 7:07 PM EDT

Cleveland Indians Toronto Blue Jays
Grady Sizemore - CF Marco Scutaro - SS
Asdrubal Cabrera - 2B Aaron Hill - 2B
Victor Martinez - C Alex Rios - RF
Shin-Soo Choo - RF Vernon Wells - CF
Mark DeRosa - 3B Adam Lind - LF
Jhonny Peralta - SS Scott Rolen - 3B
Ryan Garko - 1B Lyle Overbay - 1B
Matt LaPorta - LF Rod Barajas - C
Ben Francisco - DH Travis Snider - DH

2009 - Brian Tallet 1-1 6.45 1.52 17 11

2009 - Fausto Carmona 1-3 6.28 1.64 18 16

Today's game thread is from a song by Billy Bragg, an English punk-folk singer I'm guessing Tom really likes (or would like, haha).