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Indians 9 Jays 7 in 12 innings

Well, sooner or later we had to lose one in extras. Can't get too upset over the loss other than a couple of relievers had crappy second innings of work after good first innings. Brandon League pitched a good 8th inning and then gave up 3 runs in the 9th costing him a save, but the Jays tied things in the bottom of the inning. In the 11th Shawn Camp pitched a quick inning, but gave up 3 runs in the 12th and this time the Jays couldn't come back.

I don't know, if I'm Cito I would have had League on a short leash in the 9th, but in the 12th with Camp....would be tough to take him out because you had to figure you were running out of relievers if the game went much longer.

Anyway, Tallet pitched a good 7 innings, if Downs hadn't pitched the 3 previous days he would saved the game and Tallet would have had the win.

Offensively, every Jay batter got at least one hit, except for Travis Snider, man is he in a deep slump. He got pinch hit for by Millar in the 8th. Even Johnny Mac had a single in his at bat in 12th. Hill, Rios, Wells, Lind and Rolen each had two hits. But Hill struck out in the 12th with the tying runs in scoring position to end the game. Hill has come thru so many times for us this young season that you almost feel ripped off when when he didn't this time.

Jays of the Day are Jose Bautista (.350 WPA), Vernon Wells (.190), Bill Murphy (.117) and Alex Rios (.098). Honorable mention to Johnny Mac and Adam Lind. Suckage Jays? Well there were a few League (-.611 tho maybe Cito should have pulled him before he blew the save), Camp (-.313, ditto), Overbay (-.179), Hill (-.123) and Scutaro (-.118).

Tomorrow Brett Cecil gets his first start for us, gotta hope he gets us a few innings. We is 18-10 and still in first, though just by a game now that the Red Sox have beaten the damn Yankees today.