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The Season So Far in One Stat

Last season, the Jays were 10th of 14 AL teams in production out of the DH spot, with a .247/.325/.418/.743 line out of a spot that is supposed to carry the offense.  The teams below us were Detroit, Seattle, Oakland, and Cleveland, and we know how those teams fared in 2008 (the Indians were .500, but none of the other teams had more than 75 wins). 

This season thusfar the Blue Jays are second in the AL in production from the designated hitter spot, with a .319/.397/.560/.957 line (courtesy mostly of Adam Lind) 10 doubles,  and 6 home runs.  Thanks again mostly to Lind (.413 OBP)  the Jays are first in the AL with a .397 on-base percentage out of the DH spot and also lead the league in RsBI from that spot.