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Jays Win Huge

Jays 13 Angels 1

Well that was way too easy. Everyone in the lineup had at least 1 hit, had at least 1 run. The Jays had 15 hit on the day, 8 walks, 3 homers. And we had Doc. Really not much to say about the game. It was over by the middle of the 2nd inning. Hill homered in the first, Wells homered in the second, Overbay homered in the 8th.

Jays of the Day are Aaron Hill (.176 WPA), Scoot (.118) and Doc (.116). Honorable mention, well geeze every other Jay that swung a bat today. Nice news: Snider had 2 hits and a walk. Rios had a hit and a walk. Wells had a 3 run homer. Everything was good.

Justin Speier did go a little nuts near the end of the game. I can understand some. With two on and 2 strikes on Scott Rolen he threw a pitch that looked to be right on the corner and it was called a ball, next pitch Rolen singled, then Overbay hit a 3 run shot. Speier was, oh a little hot at this point. He hit Barajas with a pitch, maybe intentional, maybe not. After the 9th he got in a bit of an argument with the umpire then with an Angel coach.

My little complaints....I thought Cito would have got John MacDonald into the game. Why not rest Scoot for a few innings in a blow out? Oh well. And I would have taken Doc out after 7 innings and 101 pitches. We were only up by 13 at that point. Bill Murphy could have pitched an inning or two. I don't know, I don't see the point of having Doc pitch 117 pitches in a 13 run game. I mean it is good and all to rest the pen but Doc's arm is worth a lot more to the team than anyone in the pen. That last inning Doc was tiring. I mean if the game was close, sure keep him out there but in a blow out? We weren't going to blow a 13 run lead.

Anyway 20-10, 2 games up on the Red Sox in first. 5.5 up on the Yankees. Both the Yankees and the Sox lost tonight. Life is good if you are a Jay's fan. And even better, everyone is swinging the bat well, anyone could be carrying the team but instead they all are carrying the team.

It seems amazing to me that we really should have gone thru the worst of our season. Ricky Romero will be back in the next could of weeks, Casey Janssen could be in the rotation soon and Jesse Litsch should be back by the end of the month. We get the rotation straighten out by the middle of the month with a bit of a lead and the rest of the season will be very interesting.

Anyway no matter what happens from here on in, we have a great team to watch. Enjoy the games.