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Jay's Offense Has an Off Night Against Jered Weaver

Jays 1 Angels 6

Can't win them all, but would be nice to win 100 or so. Robert Ray wasn't terrible but he wasn't good either. He did get us 6.1 innings, but have up 10 hits, 6 runs, 5 earned, no walks and struck out 4. If we had the offense we had yesterday he would have picked up a win.

But unfortunately we only managed 3 hits, no walks and one run off Jered Weaver. And we only got that run because Aaron Hill hit his 7th homer of the season. Hill, Wells and Lind were the only Jays to reach base. Hills homer kept us from being shut out for the first time this season.

As you can imagine there were no Jays of the Day, though Hill deserves an honorable mention. Suckage Jays are Ray (-.197 WPA) and Scott Rolen (-.102). Even our defense wasn't good today, Barajas threw a ball into center field on a stole base attempt and both Rolen and Hill missed playable ground balls to cost Ray a couple of extra hits and runs.

Anyway the good news is we are 20-11 and still in first place a game up on the Red Sox. And the Rays beat the Yankees so there is good news in the world.

We had fun in the game thread, even with the crappy game. We discussed a number of things, one of which goes back on the banned topics. I don't know why my fellow BBB writers have such a fascination with Roger Clemens and hot ointments. But lots of less icky subjects were discussed too. And we found out it is both Carm's and No Bunting's birthdays this weekend. A very modern couple, sitting watching baseball each with their own laptops. Hope you have each have a nice birthday.

That's the end of a short series with the Angels. The Jays head a little ways north for a three game set against the Oakland A's starting tomorrow night. Maybe if Jessef can keep himself from being banned for long enough, he'll have a preview of the pitching match ups sometime tomorrow.