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Walking With My Baby Down By the San Francisco Bay: Game Thread, Jays at A's

Jays start a three game series in Oakland tonight. Scott Richmond goes against Josh Outman (isn't that the best name ever for a pitcher, too bad his first name isn't Strike). Scott's trying to make sure we don't lose 2 in a row for just the second time this year. For more on the pitching match up read Jessef's post here.

If you want the opposing view, go over to Athletics Nation, SB Nations flagship blog.

Tonight's lineups:


Toronto Blue Jays @ Oakland Athletics

05/08/09 10:05 PM EDT

Toronto Blue Jays Oakland Athletics
Marco Scutaro - SS Orlando Cabrera - SS
Aaron Hill - 2B Kurt Suzuki - C
Alex Rios - RF Jason Giambi - 1B
Vernon Wells - CF Matt Holliday - LF
Adam Lind - DH Jack Cust - DH
Scott Rolen - 3B Ryan Sweeney - CF
Kevin Millar - 1B Bobby Crosby - 2B
Rod Barajas - C Travis Buck - RF
Jose Bautista - LF Jack Hannahan - 3B

So we have Millar and Bautista in against the lefty tonight. They have been great so far this season.

Over at Baseball Prospectus the Jays have moved up to second on their Power Ranking. It would likely mean more to me if it wasn't just a straight ranking by winning percentage. I mean I could list the teams by winning percentage, and I'm not a Baseball Prospectus expert.

Unfortunately the Yankees won this evening and ARod hit a homer in his first at bat of the season. CC had a complete game. And Boston is winning over the Rays at the moment.

Post title comes from San Francisco Bay Blues that has been recorded by everyone. Most famously by Ramblin Jack Elliott but both Paul McCartney and Eric Clapton did it on MTV's unplugged.

We had great fun in the thread last night so join us tonight, but no talking about hot ointment on Roger Clemens' balls, k?