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Man That Was Sad, Jays Lost to A's

Jay 3 A's 5

I'd like to say that everyone wins 50 and loses 50 and it's the other 62 that matter but that one felt like one of the other 62 to me. I feel bad for Scott Richmond, he had a complete game, if an 8 inning one. His first major league start that he gave up more than 3 runs. They all came in the 2nd inning. It was one bad inning, but other than that inning he only gave up 1 hit and 2 walks. He deserved better really.

Offensively, well, everyone in the lineup had 1 hit except for Bautista who did walk, so we had 8 and 3 walks and a Barajas 2 run homer. But it didn't add up to much, just 3 runs, also scored in the 2nd inning. We had lots of chances, and the A's helped us out with a couple of terrible errors, one each by Bobby Crosby and Orlando Cabrera. We'd hit the ball hard into outs, and hit that ball softly and get hits.

Anyway I'll get the complaints out the way quick. It is time to sit Rios for a couple of games. He did have a single but it was a crappy hit, just over the second baseman. Over than that he looked lost at the plate. He hasn't looked good at the plate and hasn't looked good in the field and there isn't many other places a baseball player plays. Cito has said that Rios isn't doing the things to get himself out of the slump, so why not make a point with him. Anyway, he's been in every game this year and isn't getting better, let's sit him, ok Cito?

Part 2 of the complaints: 7th inning, 2 out, bases loaded, Millar's turn in the lineup. Right handed pitcher in. Pinch hit right? If you said right, clearly you haven't been watching this season. We don't pinch hit Overbay for Millar because, well, Cito wants to show confidence in Millar. But Overbay up and a left hander in, we do pinch hit. Why don't we want to show confidence in Overbay? Think Overbay hasn't figured out we have no confidence in him? Cito, can we rethink the 'we don't pinch hit' idea, please?

Millar almost proved me wrong by lining one that landed just foul. But then he swung at 2 pitches that were head level. One he fouled off and one he hit weakly to first. Had he not swung at the head high pitches, he would have walked and we'd have scored a run.

Jay of Day? Well, I sugested Lind (.090 WPA)  in the Game Thread but I really don't think he earned it. So give honorable mentions to Lind, Barajas and Scoot, who made the best play at short you are ever going to see in the second, going way to his right, leaping, spining and throwing out Kurt Suzuki. If it wasn't the catcher running he wouldn't have been out but wow, it was a great play.

Suckage Jays are Richmond (-.225 WPA), Wells (-.153), Rolen (-.151) and Millar (-.122).

So we lost and lost for the second game in a row for just the second time this year. We are now basically tied for first with the Red Sox. Tomorrow at 4:00 Eastern Brian Tallet starts for the Jays against Sean Gallagher, who is making the start for the A's in place of Brett Anderson (sorry Jessef). Gallagher is a right hander who is making his first start for the A's this season.