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Downs Does BJ Ryan Impersonation but Jays Wins

Jays 6 A's 4

Scott Downs trying to get our blood pressure up but all is well that ends well. Snakeface came in in the bottom of the 9th with a 5 run lead and proceeded to give up 5 hits, including a homer, a walk but finished out the inning with the bases loaded and the Jays won.

A great start from Brian Tallet, 7 innings 2 hits, 2 walks and 7 strikeouts. I was sure he'd go back to the pen when Litsch, Janssen and Romero came back but, right now, he has to stay in the rotation. I'm not sure who will be in the rotation at the end of the month but Tallet almost has to be part of it.

We rag on JP a lot around here but he has built one amazing pitching staff. 5 of your top starters hurt and, before today's game we have the 4th best ERA in the AL. What other team could have 5 or their 6 top starters hurt and be 4th in the AL in ERA?

Offensively, everyone in the lineup had a hit except Chavez and Rios. Rios was hit by a pitch, scored and did have a couple of hard hit outs but I still think he needs to watch a couple of games. Aaron Hill's swing seems to have gotten a bit long the last couple of games but couldn't expect him to hit .400 all season.

Offensive stars today were Lyle Overbay with a homer and a big double in the 8th after failing to bunt twice. I'm not a fan of the bunt and that was a terrible spot to bunt in so I'm glad Lyle messed up the bunt, so that he could drive home the runner from first with the double. Adam Lind also had a great day with 2 RBI. He is up to 31 RBI in 33 games. Team record is 145 in a single. Just saying, no pressure Adam.

Jays of the Day are Tallet (.291 WPA), Lind (.149) and Overbay (.109). Honorable mention to Scoot for one of the nicest plays at short you will ever see. If he isn't the Gold Glove SS this year it is a big injustice. No Suckage Jays, but it would be nice to see Alex hit. Last week it seemed he was pulling out of the slump. Now? Who knows.

Tomorrow Brett Cecil goes up against the A's who have Dallas Braden battling for the series win. Red Sox are losing 14-5 in the bottom of the 9th at the moment so barring something really bad happening the Jays are in first by a game. Gotta love baseball.

Oh and before I forget I owe an apology to Baseball Prospectus, their Power Ranking was not just listed by winning percentage, it is based on second and third order wins. Sorry to them and thanks for letting me know my mistake.