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Changes, We Have Changes

The smart people that program around here have made some improvements for us members. And if you aren't a member,  why not? There are lots of things you can do around here as a member. We'll talk about a few of changes and a few of the things a member can do.

 Here is a look at some of the changes that have been made to the FanPost area:

Twitter: Now when you publish a FanPost you can share it with your Twitter followers. There is a button in the FanPost and FanShot area that will automatically put a link on your Twitter account, so all your friends can read what you have posted.

Bigger Text Area: There is more space in FanPost area to create your post.

Built in Spellchecker: Yes, my most needed feature. Us sports fans aren't always the best spellers.

Autosave: They've moved the autosave message to a more visible spot.

Autotagger: This is the one I've been enjoying the most, if you have a players first and last name or a team name and hit the 'Run Autotagger' button it will find the names and tag your post so people can find your post when searching for information on any of the tagged players.

So try out the new FanPost and FanShot editor and see what you think, and share your opinions on the Blue Jay season thus far.

I wanted to point out a couple of other things members can do that  haven't had a lot of use here at Bluebird Banter. At the bottom of every post or comment there is a button marked 'actions', if you hit it there are two options. One is Rec. Rec is, of course, short for recommended. So if you particularly like a comment or a fanpost or something you can hit Rec. If enough folks do that then the post gets put into a more prominent spot or the comment changes color to make it more noticeable.

The other option is 'Flag'. Flag is for if/when you come upon a comment or post that you feel crosses the line or is in poor taste or breaks the site rules. If you are unsure what the rules are Hugo has posted them here, but basically the rules are that this is our living room, don't say anything that you wouldn't say in our living room. Flagging a comment or a post just tells Hugo and me that 'hey there is something you should look at here'. Normally big things like fanposts one of us will see and deal with if there is a problem but we are getting more and more comments lately and sometimes we don't have time to go through every comment. So if you see something that you feel we should take a look at, flag it.

If you hit flag, it will give you three options for why you are flagging it. One is 'spam', which basically is if someone puts up a post that is linking to another site that is trying to sell something or isn't relevant to Blue Jay fans. The next is 'troll', troll is someone posting something just to start a fight, with no interest in adding to our community but wants to fight for the sake of fighting. Every now and then we have to remind someone that this is a Toronto Blue Jay fan site, now you might think that is obvious but sometimes obvious isn't obvious enough. The Internet is a different place, some folks use the shield of anonymity to do things they would never do face-to-face with someone. The last is 'inappropriate', so if someone is using language that isn't kosher (remember Hugo's mom reads this) or puts up a picture that isn't right for a family audience. So if you see something, don't be afraid to flag if for us, we might not see it the same as you and let it be but if we know people disapprove we'll look at it twice.

To be honest, the members here have been great. In the just short of a year I've been part of this, I've yet to ban anyone and I've only given out 4 or 5 warnings, most of those of the 'friendly reminder' variety. But of course as the site grows, we will attract more folks interested in making trouble.