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Jays Draft Report, Day 1

Well, the first day of the draft is over.  Let's take a look at the Jays' haul. 

Chad Jenkins, RHP, 1st round (20th overall) - Kennesaw State.  6'4", 225 lbs, Born 12/1987:  Jenkins, the Jays' first pick in 2009, features a 90-94 m.p.h. fastball with good sinking action, and a very good slider.  To get lefties out, Jenkins uses his changeup, which is also a solid pitch, giving him a repertoire that should play well in the majors.  Jenkins is said to be smart on the mound with good command.  The only drawbacks are that he projects as more of a workhorse solid mid-rotation guy than a potential ace and that he hasn't faced the toughest competition yet.  With some projecting him to go as early as top-10, the Jays have to be pleased with this pick. 

James Paxton, LHP, Supplemental round (37th overall) - University of Kentucky.  6'4", 215 lbs, Born 6/1988:  The Jays used the compensatory pick from A.J. Burnett's defection to sign Paxton, who grew up in Richmond, British Columbia.  Paxton walked 17 and struck out 97 in his 65 innings this season.  Paxton's fastball has been clocked into the high 90s and it has some movement as well.  Paxton also has a good slider and a changeup.  He's a little raw for a college pitcher as well regarded as he is, and his control is in some question, but the Jays have to be happy with getting Paxton in the sandwich round as many thought he'd go in the first round.  Even without the Canadian connection, Paxton's upside makes him an excellent pick at this point - only question is whether the Jays will be able to sign him, as he is a Boras client.  Good use of the Jays' newfound willingness to go over slot.  There's also a chance he could end up in the bullpen, but the Jays will give him every possible opportunity to show that he can start. 

Jake Eliopoulos, LHP, 2nd Round (68th overall) - Ontario, Canada HS.  6'3", 178 lbs, Born 5/1991:  The Jays upped their CanCon by picking Eliopoulos after Paxton, but Jake was actually born in the Ukraine.  He's a lefty with high 80s heat topping out around 90 as well as a changeup and curve.  As Eliopoulos fills out and gets a little older, scouts think his velocity will improve a bit.  The wiry portsider was the number one ranked Canadian high school pitcher. 

Jake Barrett, RHP, 3rd Round (99th overall) - Arizona HS.  6'4", 235 lbs, Born 7/1991:  Barrett has a low/mid 90s fastball that's been described as a bit straight.  He also throws a power curve on which he sometimes relies too heavily, and a split finger pitch he uses to great effect against lefty hitters.  He's a solid high school power arm whose command has impressed already but it has some ways to go so he will have to keep working on it as he moves up the minors. 

Jacob Marisnick, CF, 3rd Round (104th overall) - California HS, 6'4", 200 lbs, Born 3/1991: Marisnick is a toolsy and athletic outfield prospect whose defense looks solid but whose hitting is a little in question.  He has power and speed potential, however.  He has a commitment to University of Oregon from which the Jays would have to pull him.  He has been compared to Hunter Pence.  

So, how did the Jays do?  Who are you most excited about, and which pick don't you like?