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Jays Waste Great Ricky Romero Start

Blue Jays 0 Rangers 1

I wonder how many times a team has been shutout with only striking out twice. We seemed to hit the ball hard, often, but it just didn't work. Hard to lose a 1-zip game but we were hitting the ball, it just was at someone or they made a nice play. Kevin Millwood pitched 7.2, had 1 strikeout, walked none. Ricky Romero went 6.1, allowed 5 hits, 2 walks and struck out 6. Not fair that he took the loss. But then, my favorite line from Princess Bride, lately, is 'life isn't fair, but it's fairer than death.' Jason Frasor pitched a very good 1.2 innings with 3 k's.

We had chances: In the 1st with runners on 1st and 2nd Vernon Wells lined out and Lind flied out. In the 7th Lind and Rolen were on 1st and 2nd Overbay ground out and Millar flied out. In the 8th, with Scoot on second and one out, Hill struck out and Alex Rios ground out. In the 9th with Adam Lind on second, Scott Rolen strike out and Lyle Overbay ground out.

A few 0 fors tonight, Wells (0 for 4 but was robbed a couple fo times), Overbay (0 for 4, but is allowed a night off the way he is hitting), Millar (0 for 3) and Chavez (0 for 2). Really every batter had at least one chance to win or tie the game for us.

Jays of the Day are Romero (.168 WPA), who had his second great start in a row, Lind (.123, is that his 3rd JoD in a row?) and Frasor (.096). Suckage Jays....well half the lineup Overbay (-.216), Wells (-.193), Millar (-.152) and Rios (-.103).

2 of 3 in Texas is really good, but course when you win the first two you want the third. And boy, did I want this one. Oh well.

Tomorrow we start three games in Toronto against the Marlins. We have Doc going on our side (in Doc we trust) and the Fish have Ricky Nolasco (2-6, 8.17). I think someone once said that an ERA over 8 is bad luck. Normally it means bus rides are in your near future.

Fun game thread tonight and I learned that Jessef doesn't like Aerosmith (and obviously I like him even more), tune in tomorrow when we find out if he likes REO Speedwagon.

Oh and thanks all for the kind words. Very much appreciated.