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All the Young Punks Laugh Your Life: Jays Draft Report, Day 2

So, a couple of days ago, we took a look at the Jays first five picks in the 2009 first-year player draft.  Today, let's look at who the Jays picked on day two. 

Ryan Goins, Shorstop:  4th Round (130th overall), Dallas Baptist University, 5'10", 185 lbs, Bats/Throws L/R, born 2/1988.  Goins hit well enough to be chosen as the NCAA Division 1 Independent Player of the year, belting 22 home runs, 17 doubles, and hitting .371.  The Texan played infield this season but pitched last year, so the arm for SS should be there, but I'm not sure about the range or his other defensive skills. 

Ryan Schrimpf, Second Baseman: 5th Round (160th overall), Louisiana State University, 5'9", 181 lbs, Bats/Throws L/R, born 4/1988.  Like Goins, Schrimpf hits from the left side and is named Ryan.  Schrimpf has played both second base and outfield, and had a nice season this year for LSU.

Kris Hobson, Outfield/LHP:  6th Round (190th overall), California HS, 6'3", 205 lbs, Bats/Throws L, born 8/1990.  Hobson throws in the 90s, but was chosen as an outfielder by the Jays, not a pitcher.  He is a power prospect with some good power potential.  And he's certainly got the arm for right field. 

Egan Smith, LHP:  7th Round (220th overall), College of Southern Nevada, 6'5", 200 lbs, born 3/1989.  Smith was chosen by Cleveland in last year's draft (in the 35th round) but chose to return to college.  A wise move, as he had a very nice season, striking out well over a batter an inning and garnering three Ks for each walk he doled out, and moved up far enough that the Jays chose him in the 7th this time around.  Smith throws heat in the 90s, though I'm not too sure about his other pitches. He's 20, and I haven't heard they're great, so Smith might end up more of a bullpen arm.

Brian Slover, RHP:  8th Round (250th overall), California State Northridge, 6'3", born 6/1988. Slover has been a reliever in college and I haven't heard any waves that the Jays plan to try him as a starter.  He had a very nice season as a reliever, using a fastball in the 90s and a good cutter to strike out over a batter per inning, while limiting walks to less than 3/9 innings. 

Aaron Loup, LHP:  9th Round (280th overall), Tulane University, 5'11", 180 lbs, born 12/1987.  I will be rooting for Loup, a fellow alum of New Orleans' great Tulane University.  Some folks on the site have questioned the Loup pick, as his ERA this season was decidedly unimpressive (5.93).  But look behind that - Loup struck out over a batter an inning, and, even better, he struck out almost 7 for every walk he gave out.  Tulane is a very good baseball school that plays an awfully tough schedule.  A lefty with strikeout potential and that kind of control is always a good bet.

Yan Gomes, Catcher:  10th Round (310th overall), Barry University, 6'2", 205 lbs, born 7/1987.  Gomes was also drafted in 2008, by the Red Sox (21st round).  He transferred to Barry and had a great season, being named Sunshine Conference player of the Year.  Gomes has also played third base, but he apparently has some slow feet and so the Jays drafted him as a catcher, where I hope he can play good enough defense to stay.  He hits for average and power and so if he can stick at catcher, he could be a good one. 

Some Other picks I thought were interesting:  Lance Durham (son of major-leaguer Leon and a first-baseman as well) in the 14th round - the Jays will have to see whether they can persuade him not to return to the University of Cincinnati.  Steven Turnbull and Robert Webb (17th and 18th rounds, respectively) are two power pitchers who were drafted back-to-back.  Both throw mid 90s and are working on their secondary pitches.  Good value for where they were drafted.  Zach Outman (28th round) is Oakland pitcher Josh's brother and Josh has two very nice starts against us this season.  Johnathan Fernandez (34th round) is Tony's son - can't go wrong there.  Robert Benincasa (1000th overall pick, 33rd round) will require the Jays to go over slot to sign him - the high school pitcher could probably have been drafted much higher but for his well-known contract demands.  Evidently, the Jays are willing to give him what he is asking.