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Jays Lose Game and Halladay

Marlins 7 Blue Jays 3

Ok, don't jump off a bridge or a building. Yes Roy Halladay left the game with a strained groin. Yes Brandon League was terrible. Ummmmm I thought I had a point there. With Doc, if it is a strained groin he shouldn't miss too much time, one or two starts, I would hope. League, I don't know, he looks unhittable somedays and somedays he is dreadful. I don't know how you guess which is which.

Also on the bad side of the ledger Vernon Wells, Adam Lind and Lyle Overbay all went 0 for 4. Lyle and Vernon looked terrible at the plate, striking out 3 times each, but then they weren't helped out by a plate umpire whose strike zone seemed to change from pitch to pitch.

The good news? Well there was some, Scott Richmond looked good for 3.2 innings. Dirk Hayhurst pitched 1.1 and still hasn't given up a run since being called up. Offensively Aaron Hill and Alex Rios each had a couple of hits.

Anyway Jay of the Day is Richmond (.240 WPA). Honorable mention to Joe Inglett (.097), Hill (.092) and Rios (.083). Suckage Jays League (-.560), Overbay (-.123) and Wells (-.120).

Tomorrow Sean West (1-1, 2.22) a lefty, goes for the Fish, with Casey Janssen hoping to have a start like his last one in Texas. 1:00 Eastern start.

Hopefully we'll hear more of Doc's injury tomorrow and more hopefully we'll find out it isn't all that bad. Please.

I'm away for a few days, but hopefully will be able to look in now and then. Play nice with Hugo and Jessef.

PS: meant to mention this, but my head's in a number of directions, trying to get ready to leave in the morning. People might try to read something into Doc's injury and the 133 pitches he threw 2 starts back. I'm not one of them, I think they are totally unrelated. If it were something in Doc's arm then, maybe you could make a case. Groin injuries happen. A little slip or something, doesn't take much.