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Did You See This?

Sitting in the airport, waiting for the nice Air Canada folks to find our plane, I think we are going to have a late start. But did give me a chance to see this play by Luis Castillo of the Mets last night that cost his team the game and gave the Damn Yankees a win. What really gets me about the play isn't that he dropped the pop up which should never happen, but after that he picks up the ball and lobs it into second while the winning run scores, even though the first baseman is yelling to throw home. The mistake of dropping the popup is bad enough but not having your head in the game enough to know you have to stop the winning run from scoring? 

I know you should take the long view and all but if I'm manager Castillo doesn't play again for a long time. I guess what drives me nuts more is it happens against the Yankees and with ARod at bat. Life isn't just. Milton Bradley had a fun moment too, catching a fly ball then tossing it into the stands, forgetting it wasn't 3rd out. He is lucky Lou Pinella has mellowed some.

A plane has appeared.