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Room Without a Window: Monday Off-Day Open Thread

Hi everyone - hope you all had a better weekend than the Jays did.  After another interleague sweep, this time at home, and this time at the hands of the Florida Marlins, the Jays sit 0-6 in interleague.  The "good" news?  They'll have a chance to get in the win column on Tuesday against the defending world champions, and a series win there will go a long way toward erasing this bad taste. After the sweep, the Jays are 3 games behind the New York Yankees and the AL wild card.  Things could be much worse, but the team needs to start playing better soon.  With the wild card in reach, you have to wonder whether the Jays are going to try to make some moves.  I can't be the only one who thinks that Kevin Millar and Jose Bautista are playing more than they should be against right handed pitching.

Nowhere is that more evident than in centre field.  Vernon Wells is suffering through one of the worst slumps of his career and, as you might imagine (unless you are of the "he got his money and now he is lazy and doesn't care" ilk), he's pretty bummed out about it.  With Alex Rios hitting very well recently, I wonder if it isn't time to swap Rios and Wells, give Wells a chance to settle in a bit and watch some other hitters before taking his first at-bat of each game and taking advantage of what is looking like a burgeoning hot streak for Rios.  I wouldn't expect it to make a big difference as to when he comes out of his slump, but it can't hurt.

Some of us have been talking about reinforcements from AAA so here's some minor league news: David Dellucci has started playing for AAA Las Vegas, and Scott Campbell has been tearing the cover off the ball in his rehab at Dunedin.  Russ Adams has returned as well, and is continuing to hit well and is playing shortstop everyday.  David Purcey also had a good start for the 51s, striking out 9 and walking 3 over 7 2/3 innings, giving up just 2 runs and 4 hits and lowering his ERA to a respectable 4.28 (though his K/BB ratio is a different story).  And Jeremy Accardo picked up a save and is now sitting with a very nice looking 22/7 K/BB ratio over 24 innings (3.38 ERA) as closer for Las Vegas.  Brett Cecil pitches for Vegas today.  None of Cecil, Mills, or Purcey have really been consistently good, but I don't think the Jays will necessarily hesitate to go to one or more of them if Richmond, Tallet, and Janssen struggle in the future.  That said, Richmond's overall numbers are still solid, Tallet has given the Jays a quality outing more often than not despite yesterday's blowup, and Janssen has 3 good starts to 2 awful ones, not a great ratio but it has been a long time since he's pitched, you can't expect him to just come back and dominate.  I think it's worth giving them a bit more time as no one is really knocking the door down.  That can change quickly though.

But enough of what I think.  What are you all thinking?  Ideas for how the team can turn things around?  Players you'd be interested in acquiring?  Anything about which you would like to talk?

Today's title comes from the great Operation Ivy song (wow, they were amazing).