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I Was Bruised and Battered: 6/16 Game Preview and Thread - Jays at Phillies

The Jays are certainly bruised and battered after their sweep at the hands of the Florida Marlins and they look to pick themselves back up again tonight on the Streets of Philadelphia (thanks Bruce). Tonight's matchup sees two young lefties go at it: Ricky Romero for the Jays and Cole Hamels for the Phils. For more on Hamels, check out Jesse's usual great job from earlier today. Though I want the Jays to win, of course, a really good buddy of mine who is a huge Phillies fan is going through a tough time right now, so feeling a bit conflicted about it.

Romero is coming off a tough game last time out where he pitched very well but the Jays just couldn't muster any runs for him, so it'd be nice to see him get some support this time out. Romero's season numbers are looking quite good, though he has struggled a bit with the long ball of late.

Roy Halladay played catch today, and is scheduled for a bullpen session tomorrow. Good news. Also, remember Michael Barrett? He just started a rehab assignment, so the end of the month is definitely looking like a possibility for him. Raul Chavez hasn't been too terrible as a fill-in, but I wouldn't mind getting a little more offense on the bench. Also, it's very possible the pitchers like throwing to Chavez, but his constant moving around, talking, etc. seems a bit distracting to me. As you can see from the lineup, Vernon Wells is still hitting 3rd. That's Cito, folks -- love him, or, well, not.


Toronto Blue Jays @ Philadelphia Phillies

06/16/09 7:05 PM EDT

Toronto Blue Jays Philadelphia Phillies
Marco Scutaro - SS Jimmy Rollins - SS
Aaron Hill - 2B Chase Utley - 2B
Vernon Wells - CF Jayson Werth - RF
Scott Rolen - 3B Ryan Howard - 1B
Adam Lind - LF Raul Ibanez - LF
Alex Rios - RF Shane Victorino - CF
Kevin Millar - 1B Pedro Feliz - 3B
Rod Barajas - C Carlos Ruiz - C
Ricky Romero - P Cole Hamels - P