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Saw My Reflection in a Window, Didn't Know My Own Face: Game Recap, Jays 8, Phillies 3 (10 innings)

Was that the Jays at the end of the game there?  Here's what happened -- the Jays came into the 9th inning down 3-2.  Ricky Romero had thrown a great game for the Jays - he gave up a 2-run HR to Jason Werth in the 6th and a stray run in the 1st, and that was it - 7 strong innings in which he struck out 9 and walked 2.  And yet he was on the hook for the loss after the Jays had failed time and time again to get those runs across. The Jays did score 2, one on a pretty home run by Adam Lind and one on an RBI double by Kevin Millar.  But things didn't look good in the 9th with the slumping Vernon Wells leading off. 

But Wells beat out an infield single and then took third on Scott Rolen's single up the middle on a fantastic bit of baserunning.  Of course, this was far from the first time in this particular game that the Jays had a runner in scoring position with less than 2 out.  The Phillies intentionally walked Adam Lind to load the bases, bringing up Alex Rios.  Rios struck out, leading Wells at third, but  Lyle Overbay drew the heroic bases-loaded walk to tie the score!  The Jays had a golden opportunity to just win it, of course, but Rod Barajas popped up and John McDonald, pinch-hitting, struck out to send the game to the bottom of the 9th.

The Jays didn't waste time in extra innings.  After Scott Downs set the Phillies down in order to send the game to extras, Aaron Hill had an infield single and Vernon Wells singled through the middle.  Rolen singled Hill home and Lind walked again to load the bases.  Rios then drew a bases-loaded walk of his own.  The Jays tacked on a couple more runs, and Jesse Carlson protected the 5-run lead without too much trouble. 

Great to see the Jays get a come-from-behind win, a stellar start from Ricky Ro, and a few very very timely hits from Vernon Wells.  Tonight, Scott Richmond will pitch against the ageless Jamie Moyer.  Good stuff fellas!  Jays of the Day:  Rolen, Lind, Overbay, Millar, Wells, and Downs, with honourable mention to Romero.