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Richmond Terrific, Jays Win

Blue Jays 7 Phillies 1

After not watching ball for a few days, that was very very enjoyable. I'd admit to being a huge Scott Richmond fan, but I don't expect him to pitch like that every time out. We saw him as a good choice for 5th starter this season but 5th starters don't often go 8 innings, giving up jus 5 hits, 1 walk and striking out 11. Did anyone here think Scott Richmond would ever strike 11 out in a game? Against a strong, left-handed hitting lineup? He was just great. I don't expect a Doc like start from him very often. On the flip side B.J. Ryan looked terrible, in the 9th, he couldn't find the strike zone but Brandon League was very good coming in to relieve for him. League has so much movement on his pitches, if he can keep them near the strike zone he is almost unhittable.

Offensively we were great,12 hits and 3 walks against a pitcher older than dirt. We got hits out of every starter except for Lyle Overbay (and Richmond, of course). Marco Scutaro and Aaron Hill each had three hits, 2 runs and Hill had a homer and drove in 3. Scott Rolen had 2 hits, including his first homer in a long while. Rod Barajas had a solo shot. Vernon Wells had a walk, a hit and an important steal of third that got us a run. I thought he was looking great then he struck out his last couple of times up looking lost yet again. So I have no idea.

Jays of the Day are Richmond (.242 WPA) and Hill (.152). Honorable mention to just about everyone else, real team effort today, Rolen, Scoot, Barajas and Wells get the mention. No Suckage Jays, Overbay had the worst number (-.058) but far short of getting the award.

Jays have announced who is coming up to fill in for the trio of DLed pitchers. Brad Mills is up to start tomorrow's game, Jeremy Accardo is coming up to fill Scott Down's spot on the roster and Brett Cecil is on his way to make Saturday's start.

Tomorrow's game is in the afternoon, 1:00 Eastern start. I'm going to enjoy watching Mills, he looked great in spring training. His numbers might not look good at Vegas (4.43 ERA) but it isn't easy to pitch in the PCL and Joe Blanton hasn't been amazing for the Phillies (4-3, 5.17). With the way our bats are going, suddenly, it should be a lot of fun.

We had a lively gamethread tonight, and a couple of new folks joined in. The more the merrier, so if you can watch tomorrow's game, join us.

PS:  I totally forgot to mention Alex Rios' adventure on the base paths tonight. In the 3rd with one out and Overbay at bat, Rios took off on a line out to center and was doubled off to end the inning. It is getting to the point where Alex is making baserunning errors far too often to ignore. He is hitting the ball well enough at the moment but why is he making so many errors running the bases? Is he unable to keep his head in the game? I generally ignore the odd mistake on the bases, but when it starts happening this often, it is hard ignore. Oh well, let's just follow along and see if this keeps being an issue.