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One More Thing About Last Night's Game

I meant to mention a play from last night's game, actually I did mention it, I wrote up the recap and then saved it to give a few moments for the pictures from the game to appear. When I went back it wasn't there. A wee bit pissed off I was. Anyway in the second inning, Phillies had runners on 1st and 2nd with 1 out and Moyer up. Now I'm not a fan of the bunt but with the pitcher up, it is pretty much what you have to do. Runners on first and second and the whole park knowing you are going to bunt makes it a pretty tough one to get  down successfully.

The thing you have to do is bunt it toward third base and make the 3rd baseman make the play. Not easy as first baseman and pitcher are charging. Moyer did push it toward 3rd but Richmond is a great fielding pitcher and made the play to third to get the force. Most times the play would end there but Rolen knew that Moyer runs like any other 90 year old and made a great throw to Hill covering first to end the inning. TV commentators often say the 3-6-3 double play is the hardest in baseball, but I would think that 1-5-4 double play was a lot harder. It was a very cool play, something you don't see very often. Jays got another great double play in the 4th that Scoot and Hill turned, just before Jason Werth hit his home run.

We are lucky to get to watch such great defense.