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As Good as Yesterday's Game Was.....Today's Was Bad

Blue Jays 1 Nationals 2 (11 innings)

Well if you can only score 1 run in 11 innings against the worst team in baseball, you don't deserve a win. We pitched well, but only 7 hits in 11 innings against a bunch of bad pitchers isn't good. 

Is kind of funny that the big moment of the game was a move by Cito. 2 outs, 2 on and Rod Barajas up before the pitchers spot and us down by a run. Rod singles driving home the tying run. I really figured if Rod walked then Cito would pinch hit for Brian Tallet. When it was tied, I figured he wouldn't because we used everyone in the bullpen yesterday. But Cito took him out and Joe Inglett flied out to left. He hit the ball decent but found a glove. With the extras the bullpen had to throw 6 innings. I mean it really doesn't matter, since we didn't score again we weren't going to win. But after burning the whole pen yesterday I was sure Cito would have wanted 7 or so innings from Tallet. Then he takes him out of the game after 5. And we used everyone in our pen, except for BJ. Thank you Cito for that one small mercy, after 4 hours of that, I don't think I could have handled Ryan tonight. 

Anyway Jays of the Day are Jeremy Accardo (.243 WPA, he was amazing for 2 innings, why wasn't he up before now?), Shawn Camp (.235), Brandon League (.143), Tallet (.132) and Alex Rios (.120). Honorable mention to Jesse Carlson. Suckage Jays....yeah there were a few of those too Jason Frasor (-.357, he was terrible), Adam Lind (-.220, 0 for 5), Aaron Hill (-.206), Dirk Hayhurst (-.146, sorry Hugo, he looked terrible too), Kevin Millar (-.143, a terrible pinch hit attempt, can we release him now? please?) and Marco Scutaro (-.104).

The only guy with more than 1 hit was Vernon Wells, he would have had 3 expect for an amazing catch by Nationals center fielder, Willie Harris. Look for the highlight of that one. Vernon made great catch too, earlier in the game.

Tomorrow night Brett Cecil goes for the Jays while Ross Detwiler (0-3, 5.23) starts for the Nats. For more on Detwiler look read Jessef's post here