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Bits on a Tuesday

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Taking a look around at what people are saying about the Jays

Jordan Bastian talked to JP on Sunday, if we stay in the race, JP might be a buyer at deadline time:

Chatted some with Jays general manager J.P. Ricciardi this morning and covered a few different topics. One being the July 31 trade deadline. While that's still two months down the road, Ricciardi did say that he'd "owe it to the players" to pursue help at the deadline if the club was still performing this well. What would Ricciardi go after? He said he feels pitching hasn't been an issue up to this point, so he'd be more inclined to go after "another thumper" for the middle of the lineup. Obviously, it would depend on who is available and how much ownership would be willing to expand the payroll to bring somebody in.

The Mockingbird shows it wasn't just that it wasn't just our biased eyes making us think that Lester was getting a bigger strike zone than Romero was Sunday.

Dave Perkins from the Star figures June 1st is when you start thinking that the standings mean something. Among the other things he said, I thought this was interesting:

Roy Halladay is his usual brilliant self – he has won five fewer games than Washington – and the young and mostly inexperienced crew Cito Gaston and J.P. Ricciardi have assembled behind him has been surviving; the Jays lead the majors in quality starts and strikeout-to-walk ratio (2.24 to 1).

The Star also looks at what has going right and wrong for the Jays:

"That’s the one thing we’re trying to do is still manage our expectations. When we started the season, we knew we were going to be very young in some areas. We’ve still got our feet on the ground. If you guys (media) told me that at the end of May we’d be five games over .500 and a game out of first place, we would’ve taken that. We’re in a good spot notes that Rogers Center turns twenty on Wednesday and mentions 20 'memorable moments' in it's history. Anyone else think it is sad that the first concert was Rod Stewart? You'd think for the first one you'd want someone who's, you know, good. Even sadder 67,000 went to see Wrestlemania there. Oh well.

I remember being really pissed off because the first game was televised here, but they went to it 'in progress' because they kept the local news on. But after the news, instead of going straight to the live game, which likely would have been in the first inning, they showed a 30 minute pre-shot feature about Skydome, telling us what a wonderful place it will be to watch baseball. So by the time they got to the game it was in the 3rd or 4th inning. 

Everyone (including the Globe and Mail) is making a big deal about the Yankees going 18 games without an error. Would it be wrong of me to point out that it is hard to make an error if you don't have enough range to get to a ball?