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The Road Trip

It seems strange to complain about a 4-2 road trip but when we swept the 'World Champion' Phillies you had to figure we'd win the series against the Nationals. But then when you only score 4 runs in 23 innings over two extra inning losses you aren't going to win. Those were two irritating games. There is good news though, in spite of an almost unbelievable number of injuries, our pitching staff did quite well over the road trip. We really only had one bad start, Brad Mills in the last game of the Philly series gave up 4 runs in 3.2 innings and we managed to win that one. The real bad thing about that game is it started a 3 game stretch where our bullpen was really overworked, pitching 14.2 innings. That number was helped along by the 2 extra inning games. It's tough to expect the pen to be perfect over that number of innings.

There have been some good things things to come out of the last few games. Scott Rolen has been amazing, hitting .432 over the past 10 games. I'll admit I'm slightly worried that the Jays have gone off the 'rest him on day games after night games' plan. But it is tough not to want to get him out there everyday when he is hitting so well.

Vernon Wells had a good road trip, hitting .333/.375/.500 and getting his first home run since the Jays moved out of Exhibition Stadium ( well maybe not quite that long but it seems like it.). I know, small sample size, but would be nice if he could hit the ball decent.  It also appears, at least to me, that he's playing better in the outfield lately. I thought, until recently, he was showing all the range of a house plant, but he's made some great catches lately. Maybe his hamstring was still bothering him.

Alex Rios is swinging the bat well lately too, .308/.364/.538 over the last 22 games. I get the feeling he is never going to be the power hitter we hoped he'd turn into but if he continues like he has, he should get 20 + homers. He'll likely always lead the team in stupid base running mistakes. But someone has to, I guess.

Marco Scutaro continues to be amazing, his on base average was .424 on the road trip and his defence is terrific. And Rod Barajas got the bat going on the trip too, .278/.381/.667. He is always going to be a streak hitter, so we ought to enjoy these good stretches. It does worry me that he was hobbling some, with a sore hamstring, but hopefully  having today off will help.

Adam Lind is hitting great again, after a poor May he's hitting .326/.404/.630 his last 23 games. And he hasn't looked all that terrible to me in LF. He has already new person high for homers with 14 and should end up in the 30 homer range by the end of the year. I don't think anyone had him down for that at the start of the year.

On the flip side, Aaron Hill's bat has quit on him. I think we knew he wasn't going to hit .350 all season but he has fallen to earth with a thump. He's hit .208/.250/.347 over his last 22 games. I do think Cito's playing him everyday is a little much but I'll hope that today's rest helps. I love watching his defense. Yeah I'd like to see Overbay in the 2 spot but that will be a tough sell.

The less said about Kevin Millar the better, but I'm hoping with Russ Adams being called up, Millar won't be out there as much. They can use Adams as the DH against right handers, I hope, not that he's the slugging DH that we'd like to have but Millar has hit .193 over the last month, I know the Jays think he's great in the clubhouse but if you can't hit and can't field, if he's great in the clubhouse make him a coach. Or play him less.

Anyway, all in all things are quite good, we are just a game back of the Yankees for the Wild Card spot and Doc is to be back to pitch on the weekend. So you know, enjoy, it is going to continue to be a roller coaster the rest of the way, so hang on and enjoy the ride.