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Climb The Wall To Make the Sun Rise: 6/23 Game Thread, Reds at Jays

Hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday!

The spiritual children of Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus (fun Hugo-fact: I am a bit of an amateur Roman Republic historian -- yes, I know, you thought I was a dork before!) come to Toronto to take on the Jays, but for at least one member of baseball's first team, it's a homecoming. Etobicoke's own Joseph Votto is back in the majors and what better place to return than his hometown?

It's been a busy few days preparing for this series to begin. First, Tom recapped our strange but successful 4-2 road trip through the two mid-atlantic Senior Circuit towns and I updated the progress of our hatchling Jays.

Then, Tom and our good friends at Reds Reporter provided us with the vantage point of the enemy, while JesseF did his usual splendid job previewing the hurlers against whom we must contend this series. Today, I rounded up the Jays blogosphere and then, with Dickensian brevity, took a look at what the heck we are going to do about that big hole in the lineup. As you can see, today the Jays have opted to fill that hole with Russ Adams' bat.

I figured a Toronto band was the best bet for our return home, so Metric's "Soft Rock Star" provides today's title.


Cincinnati Reds @ Toronto Blue Jays

06/23/09 7:07 PM EDT

Cincinnati Reds Toronto Blue Jays
Willy Taveras - CF Marco Scutaro - SS
Jerry Hairston Jr. - SS Aaron Hill - 2B
Joey Votto - 1B Vernon Wells - CF
Brandon Phillips - 2B Scott Rolen - 3B
Jonny Gomes - DH Adam Lind - DH
Ramon Hernandez - C Alex Rios - RF
Jay Bruce - RF Lyle Overbay - 1B
Adam Rosales - 3B Rod Barajas - C
Chris Dickerson - LF Russ Adams - LF