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Can We Get Bronson Arroyo Traded to the AL East, We Need to Face Him More Than Once a Year

Reds 2 Blue Jays 8

That was a great first inning. 3 homers, 5 runs and the game was pretty much over. Aaron Hill, Vernon Wells and Adam Lind went deep. Vernon had a great day at the plate with the homer, a double and a walk. Hill had two hits as well, he looked much better at the plate than he has in the last little while. Lind and Russ Adams each had two hits as well. 

It was a great day for our offense, 11 hits, 6 walks and 8 runs.  Everyone had at least one hit except Alex Rios and Rod Barajas, but we didn't need them tonight. 

Scott Richmond was terrific again, 7 innings, 2 hits, 2 walks and 2 runs. That's two terrific starts in a row. We figured he would be a decent 5th starter but he's been far better than that this year. How can it be that a guy this good wasn't in anyone's system 2 years ago? Speaking of non-prospects, Dirk Hayhurst pitched the last two innings. He was helped out by a great/amazing catch by Scott Rolen, with two on and one out, Jerry Hairston hit a line drive over Rolen's head and he made a great leaping catch. 

Jays of the Day are Hill (.145 WPA), Wells (.135), Richmond (.127) and Lind (.103). Honorable mention to Rolen (for the great catch) and Hayhurst (for pitching the 2 innings and saving us from using other guys from the pen). No Suckage Jays.

Tomorrow Brett Cecil (2-1, 4.26) goes for the sweep, while Johnny Cueto (6-4, 2.55) tries to salvage one for the Reds. Hope we can get off to a great start again. Yankees won tonight so we are still tied for the Wild Card lead. has a piece with JP Riccardi talks about our injured pitchers. Shawn Marcum is doing well, Dustin McGowan far less so. Casey Janssen is resting his shoulder, Jesse Litsch is a year off and Robert Ray 'is making slow progress'. Oh and though he doesn't mention him, Scott Downs will be back in early July.