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Sure, the Canadian Guy Beats Us, Votto If You Were a Good Canadian You'd Tank In Games Against US

Reds 7 Blue Jays 5

The nice part about this season is that even the losses are more fun to watch. Joey Votto beat us, going 4 for 5 with a homer, a double and 3 RBI. Couldn't happen to a better guy but I'd rather he waited till after the Reds left Toronto. Winning the series was good, sweep would have been better.

The fun part of watching this game was our infield defense. Scott Rolen made 3 amazing plays. Marco Scutaro made a terrific throw from his seat. And Aaron Hill made a great play going to his right and making a great turn and throw. They also turned a couple of nice double plays. If you want to see highlights of our great infield has some up here. Check them out, we are lucky to be able to watch such great baseball.

Offensively, we had an Aaron Hill solo shot in the 1st, tying Roberto Alomar's team record for homers by a 2nd basemen and a 4 run 5th inning that tied the game. Vernon Wells had a 2 run double and Rolen had a 2 run single. Other than that we didn't do much, other than hit deep fly outs. I'm not sure how many deep flies we hit but we had 14 fly ball outs. We only had 5 hits, Vernon had 2. Lots of guys had 0 fors, Scoot (0 for 4), Rios (0 for 4, 2 k's), Rod Barajas (0 for 4). Lind was 0 for 2, but walked and was hit by pitch and Overbay was 0 for 2 but walked twice.

Pitching? Well, Brett Cecil was brutal. 3 inning, 9 hits, 3 walks and 5 earned. He could have been helped out if Adam Lind had made a couple of plays that a LF with good range would have made. In the 3 inning Cecil threw 86 pitches, Shawn Camp threw a career high 4 innings, and did a really good job, but gave up a solo homer in his 4th inning and since the Jays had tied the game, he took the loss. Yeah it is hardly fair. Brandon League gave up a run on a squeeze bunt in his inning of work and Jesse Carlson pitched a scoreless 9th, striking out 2.

Jays of the Day are Rolen (.145 WPA) and Boo Wells (.125). Honorable mention to Hill, Overbay and I'd say Camp for going 4 good innings for us. Suckage Jays are Cecil (-.317), Rios (-.167), Barajas (-.127). Scott has the numbers for it too but he made a terrific defensive play so won't list him.

In other news, I guess tomorrow we find if Roy Halladay will make his start Monday.

Tomorrow we start 3 game against the Phillies with Ricky Romero (4-3, 3.59) against Cole Hamels (4-3, 4.24). Can hope the series here goes as well as it did in Philadelphia. We had great fun in the game thread tonight, so if you can join us tomorrow, please do.