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Jays Get Thumped

Phillies 10 Jays 0

Yeah it was less than fun and yeah I really don't have much to say about it. I do have to mention Kevin Millar batting cleanup. I never want to see that again. The boy is hitting .213 this month with a .319 slugging average. After a .218 May, I think we can pretty much say that he isn't what we'd like as a major league cleanup hitter. I know, I've talked about him way too much. And he was not bad back in 2006. But his bat has slowed since then. Randy Ruiz or Brian Dopirak couldn't be much worse, could they?

Oh and let's just make something clear, just because I don't agree with Millar as cleanup hitter doesn't mean I don't think Cito wanted to win this game. Managers aways want to win. Sometimes we disagree how things should be done but that doesn't mean he doesn't want to win or that he is a bad manager. Baseball isn't math, there isn't a right answer. End of rant.

Brad Mills started and he wasn't good. He gave up two homers in the first inning, one a 5th deck blast to Jayson Werth (the last 5th deck shot was 2004 by Vernon Wells), who had 2 homers, 4 hits and 3 RBI today. If Werth could play the Jays everyday he'd be a Hall of Famer. After a 4 run 1st, Mills struck out the side in the 2nd, showing why he is a prospect. He struck out 2 more in a scoreless 3rd. Gave up a run on a bloop single and a hard hit double, but got another strike out. He tired in the 5th, giving up a double, a walk and a single before Cito pulled him. He finished with 8 hits, 8 runs and 7 strikeouts in 4 + innings.

The offense did nothing, getting just 5 hits off J.A. Happ in the complete game shutout. 2 of those hits were by John MacDonald, getting a rare start. 0 fors for Scoot, Wells, Millar (with 2 sad looking strikeouts), Rios and Chavez. We never even threatened to score. Jays of the Day? Yeah, right, weren't none. Suckage Jays? Really just Mills at -.327 WPA.

Good News? Rod Barajas isn't going on the DL, at least not today. Tomorrow youngster Jamie Moyer (5-6, 5.97), who the Jays clubbed last week, starts for the Phillies, Brian Tallet (5-4, 4.36) gets the start for the Jays. Let's win the series. Yeah Cito, I know Moyer is a lefty and all but let's not play Millar. Please?